VIP Lounge at Managua’s Augusto C. Sandino International Airport

VIP Lounge.

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If you want a more comfortable entry to Nicaragua, we recommend using the VIP Service!

If you want a more comfortable entry to Nicaragua, we recommend using the VIP Service!

The VIP Lounge in the Augusto C. Sandino International Airport has an excellent location and spacious rooms. It is located on the second floor, next to the international departure and boarding lounges.

It is an ideal spot for passengers who are waiting for their flight, or or those who wish to bid farewell or welcome friends, relatives, or business associates in a pleasant setting.

The lounge is comfortable and cozy, with spacious windows letting in natural light and a view of the parking lot and public areas. It has a tropical ambience that matches the climate of Managua. Televisions and wireless internet conexion are available for those who wish to check e-mails, watch the news or other entertainment programs. Its first-class services and highly trained staff make it even more attractive.

Relax, you're in the VIP Lounge!

Relax, you’re in the VIP Lounge!

VIP services are provided to:

  • Business people or company executives who travel regularly or receive visits from executives doing business with their companies.

  • Passengers who like to use the VIP Lounge when they make family, tourism, pleasure, or health trips.

  • Artists who perform in the country and other celebrities who feel more comfortable and secure in the VIP Lounge.

Recently, I picked up guests from the Managua airport who chose to avail themselves of this VIP service. I was impressed by the level of customer service, the comfortable lounge,  free snacks and beverages and overall atmosphere. So, Iwant to let folks know that this is a good option for some visitors.

The VIP Salon is very comfortable!

The VIP Salon is very comfortable!

The guests I picked up were moving to Nicaragua. When I went to collect them, I was led through the entrance in the main terminal and went up the stairs into the lounge. My guests were relaxing at a table, eating some savory snacks and enjoying a cold Toña beer.

Since they were relocating to Nicaragua, they had over 20 pieces of luggage and a very sweet but somewhat elderly dog with them. Instead of wrangling all their luggage and dealing with customs on bringing an animal into the country, they were able to chill out in the lounge. Every few minutes a member of the VIP staff would give them an update, bringing them documents to sign, returning passports, etc.

After about fifteen minutes, the VIP staff announced that everything was ready and that they had all the luggage downstairs ready to load into my truck. We went downstairs, I brought the truck around to the terminal, and they loaded all 20+ bags in the bed, tied and secured it, delivered the dog, and off we went!

For those with lots of luggage, who want to have a very easy entry into Nicaragua, and for those bringing live animals into the country, I highly recommend the VIP service. The best $30 you will ever spend!

10 thoughts on “VIP Lounge at Managua’s Augusto C. Sandino International Airport

  1. Also HIGHLY recommend for departing passengers. They will handle checking you AND your luggage in with your airline. “Security” screening is private — leave your shoes on, no laptop out, etc. None of the drama!

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    • Apparently you’ve yet to experience arriving during the noon or evening flight blocks? Never been trapped on the stairs leading to migracion? Never been behind the woman with 4 carts full of luggage waiting for aduanas?

      $30 is a cheap price to pay, for me, to avoid the many dramas. Then again I don’t see $30 as my weekly housing budget in Nicaragua …

      • If I were to weigh in here, to me if you are bringing in a lot of luggage, pets, or just things that may require special handling (including oneself!), then it would be totally worthwhile to pay the $30. Also when using the VIP service during an outgoing flight, you can forego the taking off of the shoes, rummaging through your purse or backpack, etc. not to mention chill in the pleasant lounge prior to your take off. The outgoing part of the service is also worthwhile for some people I am sure!

        Thanks for your comments Natalie from beachfront las penitas and GL from!

        • OK I still haven’t gotten an answer on $30pp or for a family? Yes, I’ve come at all different hours but it’s not worth $120 for me as I travel in a family of four. And I own a house in Nicaragua, so $30/night is not my housing budget. But I do know what things are worth/what things cost in Nicaragua. And that doesn’t seem worth it to me personally.

          • I also meant to add that you can pay for a guest at the Air France Lounge for 45 Euros which has free facials, and unlimited croissants and breakfast, showers, and more than 50 newspapers and magazines from the globe. So that’s why $30 seems pretty steep for something at MGA.

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