Retirement Tours in Nicaragua – NicaTour Group

Retirement Tours in Nicaragua – NicaTour Group.
Retirement Tours in Nicaragua

We offer three retirement tours of Nicaragua which are most suited to people considering Nicaragua as their retirement or relocation destination. These tours offer a great opportunity for North Americans to learn about and experience first-hand the beauty, the people and the advantages of living and retiring in Nicaragua. We are the first company to offer retirement tours on the internet.

For for those looking for a place to live, we have included some tours to a variety of properties by different developers.  On our tours, you will be given a broad overview of this beautiful country.  For retirees and people who wish to relocate to Nicaragua whether for personal or business reasons,  there’s the chance to attend either our “Nicaragua Lifestyle Conference™” or “Meet the Experts: Roundtable Forum™” – one of which is included in the cost of your tour. On our retirement or real estate tous, our knowledgeable and experienced tour guides make it their mission to show you the lesser known areas as well as areas preferred by ex-pats who have chosen this country as their newly adopted home.

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Tanya at Nica Tour Groups runs what is probably the best, most thorough, and definitely most independent and straightforward tour of Nicaragua that focuses on investing, relocating and retiring in Nicaragua.

As owner and operator of Farmstay El Porton Verde, I see a trend where more and more of my guests are visiting Nicaragua with the idea to relocate and invest here. Even first-time visitors are coming down here with that idea. Well, as someone who has been living in the country for over three years now, I usually stress to those interested to be very careful, to take small baby steps, and most importantly, get to know the country and its people, customs, and especially language before making any real decisions.

Not everyone follows such sage advice of course 🙂 (you know who you are and we love you for your impetuousness!) But for the great majority of people, it just makes sense to take it slow. Taking Tanya’s Nica Tour is probably the most cost-efficient way to get the information you need, talk to the real experts, people who don’t have an axe to grind, get to see some of the different areas of the country, etc.

If you end up signing up for one of their tours, do me a favor and please mention that you heard about it from Mike at Farmstay El Porton Verde!

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