Calidad, Seguridad, Confianza, Comfort y Compromiso

Calidad, Seguridad, Confianza, Comfort y Compromiso.
Always Rent a Car$$

Just for my own sake, I want to blog about this rental car and driver company. Instead of just renting a car, how about renting a car and driver? Hiring a driver in Nicaragua doesn’t cost too much more and you have way more security and less of a hassle getting around Nicaragua.

If someone wants to hire a car and driver when you come and visit us at the Farmstay, let me know when you want to rent a car and we’ll give these guys a chance!

Transportation is always an important consideration in planning any trip to Nicaragua. While the public bus system actually works pretty well and is certainly inexpensive, a private shuttle is usually fairly costly. And using a rent a car comes with the need to drive it yourself, which for some can be stressful.

Overall, driving in Nicaragua is not too difficult, but it is certainly handy, for example, to hire a car and driver to take you to the Flor de Caña distillery in Chichigalpa. If you have a driver, you can REALLY enjoy the fine rums served and sold at the distillery when you take the fabulous Tour that the Pellas’ little rum operation offers! Don’t miss the 18- or 21-year old rums. Smooth as buttah…:)

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