Español at the Universidad Centroamerica (UCA)

Este programa está dirigido a estudiantes extranjeros que desean aprender el español para interactuar con hispanohablantes de todo el mundo. El programa, que consta de 10 niveles, permite desarrollar las cuatro habilidades lingüísticas y presenta un componente cultural que ayuda al estudiante a comprender la historia e idiosincrasia del nicaragüense. Las clases son dinámicas, pues en ellas se emplea una metodología comunicativa, por lo que a los estudiantes siempre se les verá interactuando, intercambiando experiencias y desarrollando estrategias-lo cual los convierte en responsables de su propio proceso de aprendizaje.

El programa se podrá completar en 15 meses de estudio ininterrumpido.


This program is aimed at foreign students who wish to learn Spanish to interact with Spanish speakers worldwide. The program, which consists of 10 levels, can develop the four language skills and has a cultural component that helps students understand the history and idiosyncrasies of Nicaragua. Classes are dynamic, in that they used a communicative methodology, so students always look them interacting, exchanging experiences and developing strategies-which makes them responsible for their own learning process.

The program can be completed in 15 months of continuous study.

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When I first lived here in Managua, Nicaragua back in 2005/2006, I took courses at la UCA, which is the Universidad Centroamerica, a fairly prestigious institute of higher learning here in the country. I really enjoyed the structure and the interactions with the profesor and the other students. It really helped me. I should go back there and take some more classes to keep working on perfecting my español.

I want to post this information to let people know that there are serious Spanish schools here, and that even getting out and about to get to class on time is all part of the adventure and it will help you learn even more Spanish as you try to find the correct bus, negotiate taxi fares, or otherwise look to transport yourself across Managua to get to town.

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