Quick Sale! Small Private Guest House!

Quick Sale! Small Private Guest House!.

Great retirement option or a way to live in the cool climate and tropical Matagalpa, Nicaragua. We have decided the sell our business, Harvest House Matagalpa. It currently is open, operating and has a full house year round. 

It is a private guest house where guests stay either nightly, weekly or monthly. The model has been fully functional and income generating since it’s opening a year ago. By renting out rooms monthly you will make money and have a free place to stay and not work much at all. Or, you can put more energy into it and convert it into a bed and breakfast or nightly only place and really make some money. We are only selling as we have greatly expanded in Leon and also have a new baby! So, we just don’t have the time or energy to keep running Matagalpa.

It’s a two story home with different terraces, little gardens and a roof top. There are 6 bedrooms and 5 baths. There is a garage and living room and dining with high vaulted ceilings and pretty woodwork. The kitchen is in good shape, fair sized and pretty modern, there is also a decent laundry room. We paid hundreds to wire in and add more breakers to put in proper electric hot water showers in every shower. Everything is in pretty good condition, but has incredible potential if you want to put in a little money. 

As per the usual, FEPV does not have anything to do with this property, don’t contact me for further information, etc. etc. por favor. This just seems like it could be a nice opportunity for someone to step into what is a long term guest house but looks like it could be a B&B quite easily too.

If you are interested let me know and we could go in on it together! I just need someone to run the place up in Matagalpa. Farmstay El Porton Verde Matagalpa and Farmstay El Porton Verde Managua. Watcha think? 🙂

2 thoughts on “Quick Sale! Small Private Guest House!

  1. Sounds nice, looks nice! Great turnkey starter for someone.

    Matagalpa is a neat place, steady stream of tourists, and quite a few ex-pats. Really good road.

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