The Alianza de Solentiname: Solentiname Islands

Educate to Empower to Break the Cycle of Poverty

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The lack of education and poverty are directly linked. Our programs are based on support and empowerment, not hand-outs. Empowerment creates pride in the person, generates confidence and keeps decisions within the community. The Alianza works with the community, parents, students and teachers to focus on the tasks they feel are important to their community. This strategy empowers the community to take care of itself and create its own future.

We work to create a self-sustaining growth cycle where parents and students learn to do for themselves. It is our goal and their goal for them to be self-sufficient. Self-sustainability takes serious time and effort but we are seeing progress and experiencing the benefits.

via The Alianza de Solentiname.

Farmstay El Portón Verde recently had the honor to host the leader of the Alianza de Solentiname and I want to use this blog post to highlight their activities and put in a good word for those looking to find a great program that they can support here in Nicaragua.

For those who don’t know about the Solentiname islands, here is what has to say:

The Solentiname Islands(Spanish pronunciation: [solentiˈname]) are an archipelagotowards the southern end of Lake Nicaragua (also known as Lake Cocibolca) in the Nicaraguandepartment of Río San Juan.

Solentiname Islands

They are made up of four larger islands, each a few kilometres across, named, from west to east,MancarroncitoMancarrón,San Fernando and La Venada, along with some 32 smaller islands with rocky headlands which afford shelter to numerous aquatic birds. The islands’ origins are volcanic. The highest point in the islands is found on Mancarrón; it is 257 m above sea level. The Solentiname Islands are a National Monument. They constitute one of the 78 protected areas of Nicaragua.

So down there in the Solentiname Islands, the Alianza program is working to help the islanders. They require parents as well as students to be involved in community service, to attend educational events, and assist in the maintenance and refurbishing of their school.

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