Nicaragua welcomes the 2014 ISA World SUP and Paddleboard Championship

Nicaragua welcomes the 2014 ISA World SUP and Paddleboard Championship

28 April 2014 | Surfing

Shakira Westdorp: SUPer committedThe 2014 ISA World SUP and Paddleboard Championship will be held between 3rd-11th May 11, on Lake Nicaragua and La Boquita, in Nicaragua.

The third edition of the event will attract the best men and women from around the world in search of individual gold medals in SUP Racing, Paddleboarding, SUP Surfing, and the coveted Club Waikiki-Peru World Team Champion Trophy.

In Olympic mode, teams compete for medals and the honor of representing their countries. The excellence of competition reaches its highest level as each participant defends his or her flag.

SUP surfers will ride ocean waves at La Boquita, on the Pacific coast of Central Nicaragua, while the SUP and Paddleboard flatwater racers will compete on the northwest area of Lake Nicaragua, in Granada, which is the oldest colonial city of the country.

Lake Nicaragua is the largest lake in Central America and the 19th largest in the world. Over 200 SUPers and Paddleboarders from 30 countries will compete in the event. It will feature seven divisions for men and women.

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Standard Of Living Managua | Cost Of Living In Managua | Living In Managua

Mike Quinn of Farmstay El Portón Verde – Best Places In The World To Retire User AccountAnswered by Mike Quinn – Farmstay El Portón Verde

Posted April 28, 2014

The standard of living in Managua, Nicaragua for an expat is very good. That said, adjusting to the extreme poverty, the heat, and some of the customs here can be a challenge. But on a purely cost of living basis, Managua is one of the best options for someone looking to live well on a limited budget..

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Cost of Living Comparison Between Panama City, Panama And Managua, Nicaragua

Cost of Living Comparison Between Panama City and Managua

You would need around 2,246.97$ in Managua to maintain the same standard of life that you can have with 3,200.00$ in Panama City (assuming you rent in both cities). This calculation uses our Consumer Prices Including Rent Index.

Indices Difference

Consumer Prices in Managua are 6.47% lower than in Panama City

Consumer Prices Including Rent in Managua are 29.78% lower than in Panama City

Rent Prices in Managua are 68.36% lower than in Panama City

Restaurant Prices in Managua are 38.33% lower than in Panama City

Groceries Prices in Managua are 19.34% lower than in Panama City

Local Purchasing Power in Managua is 12.91% higher than in Panama City

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Why Michael Douglas and Morgan Freeman Are Flocking to Nicaragua for Getaways – The Hollywood Reporter

Mukul Nicaragua Exterior - H 2014Ryan Forbes

The actors are among the most recent visitors to the country that’s becoming a major vacation contender, thanks to the opening of its first five-star hotel.

Nicaragua is coming up the ranks as a serious contender to Mexico and Costa Rica as an A-list getaway spot (recent visitors to the country include Michael Douglas and Morgan Freeman), thanks to the allure of the recently opened Mukul, the country’s first five-star hotel.

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I posted this link on Facebook and got a comment from someone saying why should I (or anyone, presumably…) care about what Hollywood types think or bother to pay attention to as Nicaragua would be better served attracting middle-class North Americans to visit the country instead of these “Hollywood liberals.”

My response was:

I don’t disagree with you Kurt, however there are a certain amount of middle-class people who are going to come to Nicaragua if the Hollywood types come here to stay.

So to expand on that a little bit, didn’t most of the really “cool and hip” spots start out becoming popular when the celebrities of the day found them and the paparazzi and press people publicized their adventures? Vegas was hip when Sinatra, Martin, and Sammy Davis Jr. hung out there. Acapulco became popular when John Wayne, Errol Flynn and Cary Grant had fun in the sun. Puerto Vallarta was a sleepy little fishing village until Liz Taylor and Richard Burton shot a movie there?



John Wayne, Johnny Weissmuller, Fred McMurray, Red Skeleton and Errol Flynn


First time in Nicaragua? Try our “soft landing” service w/MGA p/u B&B

First time in Nicaragua? Try our “soft landing” service w/MGA p/u B&B (km 10.5 C a Masaya, Managua)

Looking for a friendly face and a tranquil and cool place to stay that first or last night in Nicaragua?

Due to airline schedules and travel times, many visitors to Nicaragua arrive late at night or depart very early in the morning. For some, that means staying overnight in the Managua area.

Assuming you did not come to Nicaragua to stay at a chain hotel similar to what you have in your hometown, consider staying in the best-rated lodging in Managua that has a Nicaraguan flavor with first-world comforts and customer service.

Farmstay El Porton Verde is a small bed and breakfast located on a farm in the breezy hills south of Managua approx. 2 km off of kilometer 10.5 of the Road to Masaya (Carretera a Masaya). With our outstanding views, four-star quality guest rooms, and gorgeous swimming pool, we offer a quiet and fresh alternative to the airport- and downtown-area chain hotels and small inns. Our motto is: “we are located in Managua, but being here feels like a world away…” but the only way to really appreciate it is to be here for yourself. We invite you to visit and stay with us at the farm.

Your host Mike welcomes you with personalized service and attention to detail that the most discerning travelers can appreciate. We hope to help you have a relaxing stay here in Nicaragua from the moment you leave the customs area at MGA airport to the moment you pass through security on your way back home. For those first-time visitors, here is a link to my blog about What’s the drill? What to expect when arriving at MGA Managua’s Augusto Sandino International Airport

We work and live on a small (eight acre) organic permaculture farm located in the breezy hills south of Managua, overlooking Ticuantepe and Masaya, Nicaragua. We enjoy the views, peace and tranquility here so much, we decided to share it with a select group of travelers…if are you one of those who want a unique Nicaraguan vibe from your first to your last night in-country, then we are the right place for you!

You will not be ‘roughing it’ at El Porton Verde, far from it, as the property has excellent amenities usually found in four star hotels such as custom-made furniture, quality beds, bedding and towels. We also have a swimming pool, free high speed WiFi, and delicious Nicaraguan breakfasts that typically include ingredients grown and raised here on the farm.

Airport pickup and drop off service is available. We give you the “soft landing” treatment from the moment you pass through Customs at the airport until you go home. We also provide local half-day and full-day tours of our local area such as Volcano Masaya, the Masaya Artisan’s Market, the Pueblos Blancos, Granada, etc.

If you would like a little slice of Paradise, Nicaragua-style, we welcome you to stay with your host Mike.

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Earthquakes “migrated” via faultlines. La Prensa

Earthquakes “migrated” via faultlines 

Five faults identified in Xolotlán were already known, says expert Wilfried Strauch. 

Rezaye M. Álvarez

The scientist of the Nicaraguan Institute of Territorial Studies (INET), Wilfried Strauch, who works together with other national and foreign research related to seismic activity León and Managua living from the experts earthquake of April 10 , said that the five failures Have they produced earthquakes “are dangerous” because they can activate other and generate more earthquakes.

According to Strauch, “already knew of these faults, because they had already warned before earthquakes in that area.”

From April 10 to Monday April 21 at 06:00 am there have been 535 earthquakes , the report of Civil Defence.

Strauch explained that one aspect that has been determined is that failures “are dangerous” because “when (earthquakes) occur, the activity can, say, migrate and then that was what happened. The activity began in failure Momotombo and after earthquakes occurred closer to Managua. ”

Despite being classified as hazardous, Strauch assessed as positive that the faults are in Xolotlán, since “in the lake does not happen a lot, because people do not live the lake. If failure initiates in the lake, is less dangerous than a failure of land near the houses, such as 72, that the fault was on the ground, directly in the center of Managua. ”

Are 2,295 evacuees who were affected by the 6.2 earthquake that occurred on 10 April. Of these, 1,953 are arranged in four shelters authorities.

They recommend further studies

The report issued by the National Bureau for Risk Management, developed in conjunction with Humboldt Center on seismic activity reported-recommended “establishing a monitoring station with all the necessary equipment for monitoring Apoyeque volcano and other volcanoes.” addition emphasize the need to “significantly increase the research to generate more knowledge about our seismic risk.” Finally, they consider necessary to maintain and develop lines of communication and exchange with “governments, agencies and experts from other countries to advance the analysis and significant incorporation of technical and technological capabilities to expand preventive, climate, seismic and volcanic, consistent with a country of high vulnerability and risk, and Nicaragua “surveillance.

When an earthquake of great magnitude caused by a fault in the lake, the seismic waves reach land, but with less intensity, because the distance attenuates the wave.


On the possibility of a volcanic eruption product of seismic activity either Momotombo, or Momotombito Apoyeque occurs, is unlikely.

According to Strauch, if “the volcano is now in a stage just before eruption and an earthquake occurs, it is more likely that the eruption begins shortly after the earthquake; if the volcano is not in that state, nothing happens. ”

However, the government spokeswoman, Rosario Murillo said Monday it will continue to investigate, and it will join the team of experts volcanologists El Salvador.

Murillo said that measurements are made at different points near the Momotombo volcano and around the Apoyeque.

According to the results of the studies, the flow of carbon dioxide diffuse are in normal range for volcanic areas, said Murillo.

The delegation of Salvadorans specialists, reports half of the country, is headed by volcanologist Eduardo Gutiérrez, the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (MARN), Benancio Henríquez and Francisco Barahona, University of El Salvador (UES).

DATA nationwide

According to the latest report issued Monday by Civil Defense, an account of the damage and subsequent actions are performed nationwide earthquake of April 10.

In total, 231 Civil Defense records collapsed homes and damaged 408 2000. To remedy this situation, so far have provided a series of humanitarian supplies, including 8000 330 sheets of zinc and 11 000 550 bags of cement.

Parallel to this will have for building materials for 26 houses in Mateare; These materials consist of bricks, iron and cement bags.

We have also distributed 11 thousand 500 sleeping mats, 250 one thousand blankets, 500 hygiene kits and 300 food packages.

For all shipments of humanitarian supplies, construction materials and disposal, the Army has employed one thousand 260 troops, 96 121 light vehicles and heavy vehicles.

They are also working on updating and improving contingency plans for volcanic eruptions Momotombo, San Cristóbal and Apoyeque.

This report issued, Civil Defense completes stage damage assessment and needs analysis in all municipalities.

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How Facelifts Could Fuel Nicaragua’s Economy | Fronteras Desk

How Facelifts Could Fuel Nicaragua’s Economy | Fronteras Desk.

Farmstay El Portón Verde, Managua

Your author…

A while back, I was interviewed as part of a story on medical tourism in Nicaragua. It is a fairly good introduction to the subject. You can also search for more Medical Tourism information here. Health care for expats in Nicaragua is a large and fairly complex subject on its own, so let’s address something quite specifically. What about that group of people who are older but not yet on Medicare? As an aside, Medicare cannot be used overseas, even though it would cost the U.S. Taxpayer so much less for Medicare to encourage people to go to Latin America especially for cheaper but excellent health care. I read a good article about that very topic and then blogged about it.

First they came…updated to the present day


First they came for the Yahooers, and I did not speak out– Because I was not a Yahooer.

Then they came for the Twitterites, and I did not speak out– Because I was not a Twitterite.

Then they came for the Facebookers, and I did not speak out– Because I was not a Facebooker.

Then they came for me–and there was no one left to speak for me.

The Government is Silencing Twitter and Yahoo, and It Won’t Tell Us Why

The government is using shaky legal arguments to silence major Internet companies without giving them – or the public – the opportunity to respond….


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