Volunteering in a Permaculture Food Forest | Permaculture Magazine

Volunteering in a Permaculture Food Forest | Permaculture Magazine.

Jack Plant & Gail Harland |


Friday, 28th March 2014

What is it like volunteering on a permaculture project in Central America? What can be learnt and what can be given? Jack Plant and Gail Harland report their experiences at Project Bona Fide, Nicaragua, a remarkable permaculture food forest that has dramatically diversified food varieties and skills in its locality.

Chris talks in the garden, with stunning volcano and lake in the background, to a group from a permaculture design course.
This is actually a pretty big deal. This permaculture magazine sent a couple of permie-journalists to volunteer at Project Bonafide on Ometepe Island. This is an interesting piece of reportage to me personally as these guys are my heroes! A good read indeed and congratulations to Project BonaFIDE!

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