Tiangue de Monimbó, a great place to eat traditional Nicaraguan food in Masaya

As part of the narration (in Spanish) in the video above, they say, “Before entering, forget your diet. Here you will be licking your fingers trying enchiladas, vigoron, pork with yuca, and tamales with cheese.” I couldn’t say it better myself. Super tasty food at this place and easy to get to when visiting Masaya. It is just a couple of blocks away from the central plaza.

Recently, I’ve been taking guests by the Tiangue de Monimbo, which is a triangular-shaped area that is shaded which offers excellent traditional Nicaraguan food at very accessible prices. Please comment if you have been there or would like to go!

Tiangue de Monimbo

Tiangue de Monimbo

4 thoughts on “Tiangue de Monimbó, a great place to eat traditional Nicaraguan food in Masaya

  1. I have eaten here. The chicken was excellent. It was my first taste of yucca and will likely be my last. I wish Nica food incorporated more vegetables.

    • Greetings cedulune: Thank you for your comments about the tasty pollo asado at the Tiangue in Masaya! I agree that vegetables are sometimes lacking in the Nicaragua diet, but keep in mind that this place is basically the local equivalent of fast food trucks in the States. Tasty food but not necessarily the healthiest. They call it “fritanga” for a reason, nearly everything is fried!

      Too bad you don’t care for yuca. I find it very tasty. But really it doesn’t have much of a strong flavor one way or another as it is like a potato. I’m not sure how it can be something one would have a strong opinion about one way or another. But green vegetables like spinach, broccoli, etc. are not too prevalent in the street food, that’s for sure.

      Cheers, Mike @ Farmstay El Porton Verde, Managua

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