Third Earthquake Shakes Nicaragua In Week

You have probably heard that we have had quite a few earthquakes and aftershocks in the last three or four days. As an update specific to visitors or potential visitors to Farmstay El Porton Verde, we have had no damage, the lights are on, we have water, essentially things are normal here.

Last night two earthquakes shook the area in the old downtown Managua area, the temblor came from the same fault line that created the devastation of the December 23rd, 1972 earthquake. So naturally, people are scared.

We are located away from main fault lines, but close enough to feel any quakes. The Farmstay is located near the U in Managua as seen below.

Managua Earthquake FaultsSo…anyway. This is the latest update from the Farmstay regarding the recent earthquakes in Nicaragua. Stay safe out there!


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