Farms Matiguas | sale | Villa with coffee and cattle in the mountains of Quirragua. : USD 80000.00

Matiguas | Villa with coffee and cattle in the mountains of Quirragua.


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Coffee and cattle farm in the mountains of Quirragua.Property Information

Location: Matiguas

Price $80,000.00

Price/m2 of land $0.11

Construction size m2 0

Lot Size in m2 700000


Villa 100 mzs. in the mountains of Quirragua, Matiguás Township, Matagalpa at 1100 meters. 13 mzs. coffee, suitable for cacao, vegetables (potatoes, cabbage, cucumbers, beets, bell pepper, tomato, strawberry, grape, chia, cardamom, etc..) with plenty of wood for buildings: red, black and yellow granadilla, arene, guava Tiger nancitón, oak, etc.. abundant water (2 rivers and natural water unpolluted born on the property, I improved pasture. brizanta and Pará Caribbean temperature 20 ° minimum Celsius and 28 ° ideal for tourist and ecological vocation weather conditions Maximum Celsius Great for Brown-Swiss cattle, high yield Holstein milk.. 80% is mountain, 20% for agriculture Contains large house, corral, benefit, galley, coffee variety is Catimor, is not affected by rust and is the type cherry is ripe but not falling off the plant, so your chance to get something valuable especially for water at a spectacular price,. proper documents, the bank purchased property, to order their registration history.

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Note to the reader: Farmstay El Porton Verde has nothing to do with this property.

What is the deal with this property?

I have found it on the Internet on a Spanish-language website and it looks like a great property! If you want to get in the coffee-growing business in a gorgeous area with two rivers and a natural spring this might be worth investigating. The water alone is very valuable, especially if you are considering a bug out location (BOL) or a survival retreat in a good climate with income.

Coffee as an Income-Producer

The coffee business has taken a big hit due to a plague that effects some varieties. According to the seller, this coffee hacienda has a variety not affected by the roya disease.

Other possible sources of Income

This also could be a great eco-tourism property too.

If you want more information and don’t speak Spanish

If you do have the cash and are serious about a setup like this, let me know and I can make inquiries for you.

First time in Nicaragua? Try our “soft landing” service w/MGA p/u B&B

5br – First time in Nicaragua? Try our “soft landing” service w/MGA p/u B&B (km 10.5, Carretera a Masaya, Managua)

5BR / 4Ba furnished house Available now

w/d in unit off-street parking

wheelchair accessible

dogs are OK – wooof

Looking for a friendly face and a tranquil and cool place to stay that first or last night in Nicaragua?

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Godzilla in Managua, Nicaragua! (Confidencial)

How the Nicaraguan Government Finally Destroyed the Concha Acustica

TV news also has the story, the First Lady of Nicaragua had to call in Godzilla to destroy it|! Jump to about 27 seconds in to see the action.

The news has been reported by Nicaragua Dispatch and Spanish-language sources about how difficult it was to tear down the Concha Acustica in downtown Managua.

Tough Takedown: Sandinista wrecking crews had a hard time toppling the 'fragile' Concha Acustica

This is how the rubble pile looked after Godzilla came.

Obreros de la Alcaldía de Managua trabajan en la demolición de la Concha Acústica de Managua. Carlos Herrera/Confidencial.

Workers from the Managua City Hall on the demolition of the Concha Acustica

From my observation, now the whole Avenida Bolivar is dominated by the big yellow “Trees of Life” and billboard displays about revolutionary heroes. Apparently Ortega is on par with Sandino, for example. I feel bad for the architect who created this beautiful work.

Nicaragua Dental care | Nicaragua Dentist | Dental care Nicaragua

Answered by Mike Quinn – Farmstay El Portón Verde

So how is the dental care in Nicaragua you ask? Well, there are at least two answers to that. One answer for the Nicaraguan people, especially those living in rural areas with low incomes, and another one for foreign visitors, expats and Nicaraguans with economic means and the ability to…

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Nicaragua Medical Tourism | Nicaragua Health Care System | Nicaragua Hospitals

Answered by Mike Quinn – Farmstay El Portón Verde

Posted May 21, 2014

Medical Tourism Basics

Medical tourism is people traveling to a foreign country for the purpose of obtaining medical treatment. While neighboring country Costa Rica receives upwards of 100,000 of this type of tourist, this new industry is just getting started in Nicaragua. Nicaragua receives

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Top Four Surfing Beaches Close to Managua, Nicaragua –

In this article, you will learn about the top four surfing beaches that are relatively close by the capital city of Nicaragua, Managua. Since your author is a surfer who lives in Managua (where he owns and operates a small farmstay bed and breakfast), I know where the good surfing spots are!

Top Four Surfing Beaches Close to Managua, Nicaragua

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Top five Managua-area Vacation, Surfing, and Fishing Villages

Managua-area Vacation, Surfing, and Fishing Villages

In this post, we will discuss the top five Managua area beaches. Any of these five would make a fine vacation spot and some are great for surfing and for fishing! Since the capital city is not located directly on the Pacific coast, visitors sometimes overlook the fact that located within easy striking distance of Managua are several beautiful beaches. The five beaches listed below are all located approximately one hour away from the capital city and are just a sampling of the beaches located within an hour or so from MGA, Managua’s Augusto C. Sandino International Airport. 

In addition to their all being approximately the same distance, they all share the warm ocean temperatures and beautiful sunsets. Some of these beaches are fantastic for surfing! Others are great for a nice long romantic walks on the beach. Let’s discuss each one individually.


Nice wide sands!Pochomil is perhaps the most well-known beach near Managua. It is located just to the south of the fishing village known as Masachapa. The beach is wide and sandy with some rock formations and tidepools. Luxury homes, hotels, and guest houses are located up and down the beach. It is a great place for a family vacation, a romantic getaway, a day trip, or a morning of great surfing. The surf is a beach break with rolling a frame waves that can be written up to 2 1/2 m in height.

El Porton Verde is the property manager for a lovely little house in the area that is right on the beach called Casa Ayers. It rents by the week and we also offer a special deal called the “Surf and Turf Special” which is a nearly all-inclusive vacation for up to four people for only $750.

Gran PacificaGran_Pacifica_Beach

Gran Pacifica is actually a residential and hotel development north of the Masachapa area. Entry is reserved only for residents, guests and daytrippers who need to pay an entrance fee or have overnight reservations. As such, it is a much more exclusive beach experience where you are unlikely to find a huge number of people on the beach, unlike the beaches of Pochomil and Masachapa. 

As far as the surfing is concerned, it is excellent. There are two surf breaks at Gran Pacifica. 

The first break is an advanced, experts only, left reef slab surfing break. It has various names ss_hemmies_offshore_nicaragua_surf_websome of which are: going to Punta San Diego, Hemorrhoids, or just simply Hemmies. To surf here you must only attempt during high tide on a swell from 1 to 2 m in height. It has a critical take off spot. If you mistime the takeoff, or do not commit to the wave, you will fall and there are very sharp sea urchins and other marine life just below the surface on a very shallow and sharp reef.

asuchilloThe second surfing break at Gran Pacifica is a much more mellow wave experience. The beach is called Playa Asuchillo, and is a beach break with a rivermouth that creates good sandbars suitable for fun surfing for intermediate and novice surfers.


montelimarMontelimar is an all inclusive resort with a lovely beach, decent to good surfing, and huge luxurious swimming pools, a fun casino, and all-you-can-eat buffets. Access is strictly controlled. You must be a guest at Montelimar to access the beaches and the grounds. If you are not a guest, you are limited to casino access. For adventurous surfers, it is possible to walk in. About a 1/2 of a kilometer walk from the old pier in Masachapa.

Broken Pier Masachapa, Nicaragua by Robolish All rights reserved

Broken Pier
Masachapa, Nicaragua by Robolish
All rights reserved

The surfing is concentrated around a headland on the south end of the beach which breaks up some of the rip currents and forms a decent beach break peak to provide good surf, especially for long boards.


PLAYA DE MASACHAPAMasachapa is a fishing village which house bars, restaurants, and small hotels along it’s beachfront area. There are reefs breaking up the surf and as a fishing village it is pretty protected from the ocean waves. So surfing right in front of the beach of Masachapa is not very good. But, it is surrounded by the other surfing breaks of the area.

Playa Quizala

atardecer-quizala-nicaraguaQuizala is probably the most well-kept secret beach of the Managua, Nicaragua area. Located to the north of Montelimar and to the south of Gran Pacifica, Quizala is a wide open sandy beach. The surf can be quite good on its day, as a beach break with some good form due to the sandbars. There are literally only a couple of lodging opportunities available. 

The best spot to visit is El Paraíso del Bikini. A friendly Frenchman named Cedric owns it. He has built swimming pools, rooms to stay in, restaurant bar and plenty of shady areas to enjoy a fine afternoon at the beach.

For more information, contact Mike at Farmstay El Portón Verde
Tels: 505-2278-9014 or 505-8334-2751 (Nic) 949-607-8466 (USA)

The Fast and Furious Banana-Man

Not sure if this photo is actually from Nicaragua or not, but certainly lots of old vehicles go to market loaded in plantains. I should know, I’m one of them!

Taking Fruit to Market

As you go towards Managua early in the morning, before the 7-9 am rush hour on Carretera a Masaya, you will see lots of these sorts of vehicles bringing fruit to market. One morning I was going downtown and a truck full of pineapples was in front of me. As they got to the downtown stoplights, the street kids, window washers and assorted vendors were asking for a pineapple. The guy in the passenger seat gets out of the cabin, and hangs onto the back of the truck. Not to protect the pineapples, but to start tossing them out to the kids on the street! Everybody got a pineapple that day…love that story about the heart and soul of Nicaragua.

I may not be known as the banana man, but I’ve had my runs to go to the market and sell my fruit. My good day is when I have a pickup or a drop off at the airport of Managua scheduled and I can also load up on plantains to sell on the way back at the Mercado Mayoreo, the fruit and vegetable wholesale market.

I usually don’t make much, and it does make one realize how hard our farmers work for such little recompense. Believe me, I fight to get 2 cordobas a plantain! They retail for 5 cordobas so I figure the vendors are getting a good deal.

Recently, my MIL started taking plantains into the countryside, way out there and selling plantains from here, Managua to the folks out there, in the rural areas. I don’t understand it, but they sold and at a better price then we could get for them in Managua. Even including the cost of shipping them on the bus!


SciFi in Ometepe! ~ Trailer for The First

The trailer for The First

Ernesto Laureano Rogelio Moreno Valley
Author: Ernesto Valle

Perhaps many do not know it, but a few months ago, a film crew consisting of film professionals from all over visited Nicaragua to record a part of a science fiction movie.

The First, led by a Spanish named Jacobo Rispa, who recounts the journey of a young woman, Sara, who returns to an island (Ometepe) looking for her sister. There, she has to decide whether to save her family or stop an alien invasion. Although the majority of the cast is unknown, the trailer promises much.

Without any further ado, enjoy:

The First – Trailer from Striped Entertainment on Vimeo.

I just saw this pop up on Twitter and, in seeing the trailer, the movie looks quite interesting. Suspenseful, a bit scary, and it makes me want to see the movie when it comes out!

It is quite fascinating to think of Nicaragua as a movie or TV show shooting location. We know that Survivor has come down twice now to shoot a season of Survivor, Nicaragua. A movie named Walker was shot here years ago (about the life of William Walker, the American filibustero who invaded Mexico in the 1850s and made himself President of Nicaragua shortly thereafter). So that’s is alright, although I’m not a fan of reality TV shows and especially not Survivor. Walker sounds interesting (and Joe Strummer from the Clash made the soundtrack!) but frankly haven’t gotten around to seeing it, mostly due to poor reviews of the movie.

But a cool scifi movie? Using the out-of-this-world location of Ometepe Island as its primary set location? Excelente!