The good and bad about retiring in Nicaragua

The good and bad about retiring in Nicaragua

So what is the good and bad about retiring in Nicaragua? Let’s start with a few common topic areas and see how far we get in helping you to determine whether Nicaragua might be a good place for you.Granada,_Nicaragua_2

The Weather:

  • Good: No snow, no cold temperatures
  • Bad: Most of the country would be considered rather warm to quite hot by most people.

As an expat living in Nicaragua, I find the weather to be quite nice almost always. The main thing that is not too pleasant weather-wise are the hot afternoons. At my place, which is located at 1,000 feet elevation, the night time temperatures cool off pretty nicely. The Farmstay mornings and evenings are likewise a perfectly comfortable temperature. But wow, in the afternoons it gets H. O. T. hot, especially so when you are in the cities. But hey relax, all you need to do is stay in a shady place, take a swim or even a cold water shower, or otherwise take it real slow and easy.

The People:

  • Good: Warm, friendly, and generally speaking, kind and gentle.
  • Bad: Lack of forthrightness by way of not wanting to disappoint, and a different sense of punctuality and time management.

Not really much to add here except to say that due to folks wanting to please you, or at least to not appear to lack knowledge, they will tell you most anything as an answer to a particular questions, regardless of its veracity or correctness.

The Lifestyle:

  • Good: Inexpensive, feels “free”, and given the lower cost of living, you can generally afford a higher quality of lifestyle here then back home.
  • Bad: If one does not have a particular passion, or mission to accomplish either personally, for one’s family, or for the community in general, that lack of focus can lead some to partake in a lifestyle that may not be the healthiest or the best approach to take as you move here, retire, start a new chapter in your life, etc.

Those are just some of the good and bad aspects of retiring in Nicaragua. If you have any specific additional points that you would like my comments on, feel free to leave a comment with a question and I’ll do my best to answer as forthrightly as I possibly can.

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    • Thanks for your comment Peter. Yes, getting directions is a classic where no one wants to admit they don’t know where you are trying to go and give directions, you go to where they tell you to go and then ask there again and hopefully are going in the right direction!

  1. I think your comment about lack of focus is a good one. We see too much of that. Many people are moving here to save money, but you can only save a few minutes out of a day and leaves lots of empty time. Don’t move to Nicaragua because of what you can’t do back home, but move because of what you can do in Nicaragua. When you retire and move to another country you have to reinvent your life, it takes time and effort but it is worth it. It isn’t easy.

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