Chocolate Gives New Impetus to Nicaragua’s Economy

Nicaragua wants to capitalize on this voracious appetite with a gourmet, organic and top quality product that is better than that of its direct competitor

via Chocolate Gives New Impetus to Nicaragua’s Economy.

Here at the Farmstay, we have a few cacao trees going and producing the pods from which ultimately comes lovely tasty CHOCOLATE! From an eco-tourism perspective, having visitors and guests be able to experience what it is like to grow and process the cacao pods into chocolate would be of interest, would you agree?

For first-time visitors to Nicaragua, you should know that we have a delicious drink called cacao, which is a sort of chocolate milk with some hints of clove and cinnamon. Since we love cacao here on the farm, I thought, “why not plant some?”

Its been about four years since we started planting a few cacao trees. They like a shady area, preferably with a “nurse tree” nearby to fix nitrogen into the soil. Ours have done pretty well, although one was planted in an area that is not as shady as it should be, so it is surviving but not flourishing. The ones doing well are under large trees that provide shade almost the whole day.

Lo and behold, we find that there is a worldwide shortage of chocolate coming up here shortly, and that Nicaragua is perfectly situated to take advantage of the increased demand.

Let us know if you tried cacao and if you think it is as tasty as we do! Also, if it would be of interest to you to come and learn about how to make chocolate from scratch!

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