SciFi in Ometepe! ~ Trailer for The First

The trailer for The First

Ernesto Laureano Rogelio Moreno Valley
Author: Ernesto Valle

Perhaps many do not know it, but a few months ago, a film crew consisting of film professionals from all over visited Nicaragua to record a part of a science fiction movie.

The First, led by a Spanish named Jacobo Rispa, who recounts the journey of a young woman, Sara, who returns to an island (Ometepe) looking for her sister. There, she has to decide whether to save her family or stop an alien invasion. Although the majority of the cast is unknown, the trailer promises much.

Without any further ado, enjoy:

The First – Trailer from Striped Entertainment on Vimeo.

I just saw this pop up on Twitter and, in seeing the trailer, the movie looks quite interesting. Suspenseful, a bit scary, and it makes me want to see the movie when it comes out!

It is quite fascinating to think of Nicaragua as a movie or TV show shooting location. We know that Survivor has come down twice now to shoot a season of Survivor, Nicaragua. A movie named Walker was shot here years ago (about the life of William Walker, the American filibustero who invaded Mexico in the 1850s and made himself President of Nicaragua shortly thereafter). So that’s is alright, although I’m not a fan of reality TV shows and especially not Survivor. Walker sounds interesting (and Joe Strummer from the Clash made the soundtrack!) but frankly haven’t gotten around to seeing it, mostly due to poor reviews of the movie.

But a cool scifi movie? Using the out-of-this-world location of Ometepe Island as its primary set location? Excelente!

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