Godzilla in Managua, Nicaragua! (Confidencial)

How the Nicaraguan Government Finally Destroyed the Concha Acustica

TV news also has the story, the First Lady of Nicaragua had to call in Godzilla to destroy it|! Jump to about 27 seconds in to see the action.

The news has been reported by Nicaragua Dispatch and Spanish-language sources about how difficult it was to tear down the Concha Acustica in downtown Managua.

Tough Takedown: Sandinista wrecking crews had a hard time toppling the 'fragile' Concha Acustica

This is how the rubble pile looked after Godzilla came.

Obreros de la Alcaldía de Managua trabajan en la demolición de la Concha Acústica de Managua. Carlos Herrera/Confidencial.

Workers from the Managua City Hall on the demolition of the Concha Acustica

From my observation, now the whole Avenida Bolivar is dominated by the big yellow “Trees of Life” and billboard displays about revolutionary heroes. Apparently Ortega is on par with Sandino, for example. I feel bad for the architect who created this beautiful work.

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