Farms Matiguas | sale | Villa with coffee and cattle in the mountains of Quirragua. : USD 80000.00

Matiguas | Villa with coffee and cattle in the mountains of Quirragua.


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Coffee and cattle farm in the mountains of Quirragua.Property Information

Location: Matiguas

Price $80,000.00

Price/m2 of land $0.11

Construction size m2 0

Lot Size in m2 700000


Villa 100 mzs. in the mountains of Quirragua, Matiguás Township, Matagalpa at 1100 meters. 13 mzs. coffee, suitable for cacao, vegetables (potatoes, cabbage, cucumbers, beets, bell pepper, tomato, strawberry, grape, chia, cardamom, etc..) with plenty of wood for buildings: red, black and yellow granadilla, arene, guava Tiger nancitón, oak, etc.. abundant water (2 rivers and natural water unpolluted born on the property, I improved pasture. brizanta and Pará Caribbean temperature 20 ° minimum Celsius and 28 ° ideal for tourist and ecological vocation weather conditions Maximum Celsius Great for Brown-Swiss cattle, high yield Holstein milk.. 80% is mountain, 20% for agriculture Contains large house, corral, benefit, galley, coffee variety is Catimor, is not affected by rust and is the type cherry is ripe but not falling off the plant, so your chance to get something valuable especially for water at a spectacular price,. proper documents, the bank purchased property, to order their registration history.

via Farms Matiguas | sale | Villa with coffee and cattle in the mountains of Quirragua. : USD 80000.00.

Note to the reader: Farmstay El Porton Verde has nothing to do with this property.

What is the deal with this property?

I have found it on the Internet on a Spanish-language website and it looks like a great property! If you want to get in the coffee-growing business in a gorgeous area with two rivers and a natural spring this might be worth investigating. The water alone is very valuable, especially if you are considering a bug out location (BOL) or a survival retreat in a good climate with income.

Coffee as an Income-Producer

The coffee business has taken a big hit due to a plague that effects some varieties. According to the seller, this coffee hacienda has a variety not affected by the roya disease.

Other possible sources of Income

This also could be a great eco-tourism property too.

If you want more information and don’t speak Spanish

If you do have the cash and are serious about a setup like this, let me know and I can make inquiries for you.

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