BBC – Travel – Nicaragua’s legendary surf camps : Surfing, Central America

You have two choices after flying into the capital of Managua: head north for the less-crowded and less-developed beach towns of Playa Jiquilillo, Puerto Sandino and Playa Aserradores, or head south for the party scene and higher-end accommodations found on the coconut-brown beaches just outside the town of San Juan del Sur.

via BBC – Travel – Nicaragua’s legendary surf camps : Surfing, Central America

This is a very nice introductory article on surf camps in Nicaragua. However, the choices are quite limited as the author does not to mention the variety of surf camps located in both the southern or northern Pacific areas of Nicaragua’s coastline. Especially given the title includes the word “legendary” there are definitely some legendary surf camps not mentioned by the author.

The classic of the area of the southern part of the coast in called Tola, Rivas. If the author was really wanted to talk about legendary, that would be Popoyo Surf Camp run by JJ. Yemma. This classic surfcamp is located in the heart of a wave-rich area north of San Juan del Sur in an area where you cannot readily stay in San Juan del Sur and surf the Tola area breaks.. The area is called Tola after a nearby town, and it has great waves.

At least they got the legendary Dale Dagger of from nearby Pie de Gigante in the article!

The legendary surf camp up north has got to be Holly Beck Obermeyer. Holly’s Surf with Amigas camp is for women-only in the Asseradores/Aposentillo area although they also offer camps at Magnific Rock in the Popoyo,Tola area. From the videos and photos, the girls seem to be having the time of their lives at Surf with Amigas!

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