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What is a Farmstay?

A quick guide to cheap and unique overnight accommodations


Phong Nha Farmstay, Vietnam

A farmstay is a form of agritourism in which a traveler visits a working farm and either helps with chores, pays or does both in exchange for an overnight stay.

The farmstay experience varies greatly and many travel guides warn that they aren’t for everyone, but a common theme is the genuine rural experience that travelers can’t find in a chain hotel. There are Farmstays all over the world; the arrangement has been prevalent in Europe and Australia for a while and is now beginning to see popularity in the U.S.

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Great article Ms. Gertstacker! Thanks for the effort on educating travelers about farmstays. I agree that they aren’t for everyone, but they do offer some very much more in-depth and personalized experiences then more traditional chain hotels or even boutique lodging options.
Not sure if anyone is willing to comment, but I have always wondered why farmstays seem to be more popular in the old Commonwealth countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the UK?
Farmstays sure are not very well known in Nicaragua, where El Porton Verde is located, but it made so much sense to put the word in our name since it is a stay on a farm. It succinctly gives a pretty good idea to the traveler what they can expect.


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