Nicaragua Safe and Sound

Nicaragua eNewsletter June 2014

Nicaragua Safe and Sound

Nicaragua is the safest country in Central America according to the United Nations’ recent “Human Development Regional Report.” Nicaragua is among the top six countries in Latin America that reflect the best indicators for citizen security and the most secure country in the Central American region. The report, which evaluates 18 countries in the region, places Costa Rica and Panama as the second and third safest countries in Central America after Nicaragua

via Nicaragua Tourism Travel Trade Newsletter June 2014

Some potential visitors to Nicaragua are sadly ill-informed as to the level of safety and security to be found in Nicaragua. This recent report from the United Nations shows yet again that Nicaragua has the best indicators of personal safety and security in Central America! We’re number one!

From a visitor’s standpoint, everyone who has stayed as a guest at the Farmstay who has gone to other Central American countries have commented that it just feels more mellow here in Nicaragua then in other countries. The vibe here is much more relaxed, they say. Won’t you come and experience it for yourself?

So please, if you are investigating and doing your research in preparation for a potential visit to Nicaragua, please read the U.N.’s Human Development Regional Report to actually verify what this post is saying for yourself.

When your friends, family and co-workers say to you, “isn’t Nicaragua dangerous?” you will be well-informed as to the actual facts on the ground and will be able to tell them definitively that this is not the case.

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