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If your first tour stop is a morning hike of Masaya Volcano, I would stay nearer to Masaya if possible, not Granada, as it is backtracking to get to the volcano from there. So you could stay at Apoyo (further away from the airport) or nearer to Masaya (closer to the airport).

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Since this was on a TripAdvisor forum, I couldn’t come out and say that it is too bad that most visitors are Granada focused even if it makes their first day of vacation a little more complicated then is necessary!

If this nice person writing on the forum is a representative sample, then there are lots of folks going all the way to Granada from the Managua airport (MGA) and then they are backtracking twenty-five or thirty kilometers to get to the Masaya Volcano.

Masaya Volcano is the most visited tourist site in Nicaragua and the Farmstay is only about 12 kilometers from there. We are ideally situated for those coming in to the Managua Airport (MGA) at anytime, but especially so on a late night flight who want to do a volcano Masaya hike the next morning. The Farmstay “soft landing” service is a great option for these folks!

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