You might want to stay in Managua when…

You might want to stay in Managua when:

  • Your incoming flight arrives late in the day and you might be feeling a bit tired and prefer to get a bite to eat and get to somewhere nice where you can take it easy and get a good night’s sleep.
  • Your next Nicaraguan destination can wait a day, you’ve done a lot of traveling and are on VACATION so give yourself a break and start to relax already!
  • Your departing flight is leaving really early in the morning.
  • You are traveling on to the Caribbean coast and need to wait until the next days flight to Bluefields, Corn Island, Puerto Cabezas, etc.
  • Your flight came in late and you are planning on going first to somewhere kind of far away, such as Chinandega, Matagalpa, Esteli, San Juan del Sur, Rio San Juan, Ometepe Island, etc. which you cannot or should not attempt to travel to at night.
  • You have some dental work or doctor’s visits to take care of by the best doctor’s and dentists in Nicaragua. You can save a lot of money with medical tourism in Nicaragua!
  • You have some NGO-church-mission-related, or other type of work to be done in the capital.
  • You are seriously thinking of relocating and understand that it is a good idea to get to know the biggest city in the country before moving on and deciding where you want to live in Nicaragua.
  • You understand that the best way to check out the different areas, especially along the Pacific Coast is to stay in the Managua area because transport to beach areas on the coastline is simpler since there isn’t any Pacific Coast Highway of Nicaragua!

if your situation does not fall into any of the above you probably don’t need to worry too much about where to stay in Managua.  So enjoy your stay elsewhere and thanks for reading!

Managua, Nicaragua

Managua, Nicaragua

via Where should I stay on my first night in Nicaragua? | Bed and Breakfast Farmstay El Portón Verde, Managua.

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