Medical Tourism Nicaragua: Quality work can pay for your tropical beach vacation!

Medical Tourism Nicaragua

Looking to get some medical work done, save a ton of money, and pay for a great Nicaraguan vacation?Hospital Metropolitano

Due to its world-class, high-quality hospitals with regional accreditation and low cost, many searchers for medical tourism services choose to visit Nicaragua as their destination of choice. For some, that means staying before and after your surgery or other treatment/procedure in the Managua area.


But most people do not come to Nicaragua to stay at a chain hotel similar to what you have in your hometown. You would prefer to stay in the best-TripAdvisor rated lodging in Managua that has a true Nicaraguan flavor with first-world comforts and customer service.

Farmstay El Porton Verde is a small bed and breakfast located five minutes drive from Hospital Metropolitano Las Pellas, the best-run and most modern hospital in the country. The Farmstay is nested in the breezy hills south of Managua approx. 2 km off of kilometer 10.5 of the Road to Masaya (Carretera a Masaya). With our outstanding views, four-star quality guest rooms, and gorgeous swimming pool, we offer a quiet and fresh alternative to the airport- and downtown-area chain hotels and small inns. Our motto is: “we are located in Managua, but being here feels like a world away…” but the only way to really appreciate it is to be here for yourself. We invite you to visit and stay with us at the farm.

Your host Mike, in addition to welcoming you with personalized service and attention to detail that the most discerning travelers can appreciate, can help you arrange a wide range of health care services, from elective cosmetic surgery to a much-needed hip or knee replacement. (Basically any treatment or surgery done in Nicaragua costs nor more then 1/3 the price of what it would cost back home!)

As an example, the Farmstay recently received a visitor who is living in Costa Rica and he saved over $3,000 in his gall bladder removal compared to the price he would have paid in the neighboring Central American country! And he was thrilled by the quality of care, the concierge service, and the English-speaking doctors and other health professionals with whom he was in contact.

For those a bit nervous due to this being your first visit to Nicaragua, much less a visit to a foreign hospital, we hope to help you have a relaxing stay here in Nicaragua from the moment you leave the customs area at MGA airport to the moment you pass through security on your way back home. For those first-time visitors, here is a link to my blog about What’s the drill? What to expect when arriving at MGA Managua’s Augusto Sandino International Airport

We work and live on a small (eight acre) organic permaculture farm located in the breezy hills south of Managua, overlooking Ticuantepe and Masaya, Nicaragua. We enjoy the views, peace and tranquility here so much, we decided to share it with a select group of travelers…if are you one of those who want a unique Nicaraguan vibe from your first to your last night in-country, then we are the right place for you!

As part of the medical lodging and transportation services we offer, we can take you to and from doctor’s visits, tests, and consultations, surgeries, treatments, physical therapy, etc. As needed, on-site aftercare by nurses or other health professionals can be arranged.

Need quality medical work done? Like a “free” vacation in Nicaragua?.

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