Germans like tourism in Nicaragua

Germans like tourism in Nicaragua

Visitors. Of the Europeans who come to this country more for leisure or business, the Germans are in first place. Last year they totaled 15,000

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Germans like tourism in Nicaragua
Solentiname offers natural beauty, tranquility and security to tourists. ORLANDO VALENZUELA / END

Germans make up the most European tourists who visit Nicaragua. Last year totaled 15,000 and a German expert, Andreas Gross, recognizes several qualities in this Central American country, such as security, better infrastructure and population. On the opposite side, says Gross, president of the Association LATEINAMERIKA, Tour operators representing various high level, Nicaragua lacks marketing in big fairs and also does not have direct flights to attract more visitors. The expert said he recently visited Nicaragua and it left a good impression. MARKETING “What we really want to know is how to market Nicaragua more efficiently with our public, we are a partnership where more than half of our 80 members are tour operators, airlines, hotels, etc., but are also almost all countries Latin America, such as Mexico, Peru, Chile, Argentina, countries with much impact on the market and also a country not as well known such as Nicaragua, “Gross said. Nicaragua is the Central American country that generates the least revenue from tourism. This year’s revenue will not come to U.S. $ 500 million, although it plans to welcome more than one million visitors. Gross said that 25 members of Latein Amerika Tour operators include Nicaragua, some two or three days, and others for a week.Package tours are organized with Nicaraguan guides and leaders from Germany. CHARM “Nicaragua may not be well known as a tourist destination, but people, once you’re here and comparing it to other countries you visit, are specifically pleased with Nicaragua; that means that every year we have more tour operators who want to participate in a growth in supply, ” he added. According to Gross, statistics that the Nicaraguan Tourism Institute, Intur showed him, last year came to this country about 15,000 Germans and in the first months of this year visitor growth rate was 8%. “The most positive thing is definitely its people, combined with an infrastructure in key areas such as the Pacific coast and cities such as Managua, Leon, Granada, offering a hospitality that is better than most visitors expect: colonial style hotel, with a great atmosphere,” he said. WITHOUT CONNECTION He said Europeans are seeking hotels “with a very personal environment,” four or five stars which do not belong to the big chains. A key point, see, is that Nicaragua has few direct air connections, which prevents growth in tourist visits. For Gross, if Nicaragua could improve air connectivity, it could double its tourism figures in just three years. “Major roads we travel are perhaps the best in Central America, I’m impressed, so much easier and obviously everything we see, everything we enjoy, we have experienced,” he says. SECURITY Another key point, but in favor of Nicaragua, is their safety, says. In Central America, Nicaragua is one of the countries with the highest levels of security, along with Costa Rica, a country that has much more developed its tourism potential. “We do not experience the insecurity in other countries, we felt safe here, if we ask Nicaraguans if there is danger there, or over there on the road and they look at you like they thinking ‘what are you talking about?’ In other countries they say, ‘Uyyy careful because there after nine in the evening you cannot go out.Instead, the security for the Germans here in Nicaragua is not an issue because there is security,” says Gross. So far, the bulk of foreign tourists coming to Nicaragua from Central America. The Intur promotes a plan to attract visitors from South America. The challenge of Nicaragua is be felt more strongly in international tourism fairs, says German expert Andreas Gross ZERGER: GROSS IS INFLUENTIAL IN GERMANY Strategy • Immanuel Zerger, Solentiname Tour CEO, said the president’s visit LATEINAMERIKA, Andreas Gross, Nicaragua has the opportunity to get closer to the final consumer in Europe. “At this time the German market is the largest market of tourists visiting Nicaragua,” said Zerger. In recent years, Nicaragua has attracted more tourists, but the average spending has declined, according to official figures. Zerger argues that in Germany the word of Andreas Gross is highly respected and that when he visits a place, then informs its members of how to do business in that destination. “And the good thing is that he emphasizes public safety, the destination, good roads, kindly Nicaraguans, the cultural product, activities to do in volcanoes, bikes, kayaking and hiking in the woods and products of nature he got to know in Los Guatusos and Solentiname “said the manager Solentiname Tour.

A positive article in the newspaper El Nuevo Diario about a German travel expert who is very influential amongst his fellow Germans, who are the most-traveled peoples of Europe, on his “discovery” of Nicaragua and how it is very suitable for German tourists! We’ve certainly hosted a few Germans here at the Farmstay and a place like this is perfect for Europeans in general as it is a small place out in the country, yet not far from the Managua airport and the city center. But the atmosphere is anything but what you would experience downtown! So yes, come on to Nicaragua German tourists! Sie sind herzlich willkommen mit offenen Armen an der Farmstay!

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