Labor Day Getaway

Getaway to Nicaragua for Labor Day!

It's not too late for your Labor Day Getaway to Nicaragua!

It’s not too late for your Labor Day Getaway to Nicaragua!

Labor Day weekend means extra days for you to head out for some relaxation and fun before summer’s done. Why not take a quick hop to Nicaragua, where you can get all of the best parts of summer in one place? From beaches to colonial cities, incredible cuisine to fresh, cool drinks, volcanoes to lakes, Nicaragua is the perfect place to celebrate summer.

It’s not too late for an incredible summer getaway!

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Haha, yes come to Nicaragua where it is always Summer! We sort of forget about the weather changes that happen up North now that we live here in Nicaragua, but it is important to keep in mind as we are now moving from summer in the northern hemisphere to fall.

Sort of a tangential topic, but even here it is supposed to be what is called “Winter” here but the rain has not been coming at all. A severe dry spell has hit due to El Niño/climate change/Al Gore’s hot breath, you name it, but the first part of the rainy season has done squat for agriculture here on the Farmstay. We planted corn and beans and they are toast! Supposedly the second part of the planting and harvest cycle, late August through end of October will be better. We certainly hope so!

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