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A Night at the mouth of hell

Adventure. If you like risky tourism, this is the best option to take an unforgettable experience without leaving Nicaragua

By Orlando Valenzuela | Destination

A Night at the mouth of hell
At the top of Telica Volcano. ORLANDO VALENZUELA / END


At noon, with a blazing sun toasting our skin, we left the village of San Jacinto and crossed between the bubbling craters of hotbeds, the open veins of Santa Clara volcano where you can see the melted like mud was a pot boiling chocolate amidst sulphurous fumes.

Bismark Soto goes ahead, the tourist guide from Sonati, eight foreign tourists and myself that joined them. The goal is to climb and spend the night on top of Telica volcano, one of the most active giants of Nicaraguan volcanic chain.

At first, it seemed easy walk, we follow a path that passes through crops and livestock farms amid desolate fields where just growing shrubs and bush. Then we started to walk along a rocky trail sheltered by the branches of tigüilotes, guanacaste and other trees that serve as living fences of properties.


After half an hour of walking, I began to limp and half hour later took off my left boot and discovered I had a sore on the heel of the size of a nickel Cordobas. The boot was new and inseam Knot was what made me Blue Devils.

From there I went on the back of “Lucifer,” the docile horse he had hired to carry my backpack and tent to sleep in camp. The “cheles” experienced climbers looked up and down hills and mountains, some with their backpacks full of all your belongings.

At two o’clock we reached the foot of the volcano, where a leafy mango tree covered us with its cool shade. There we ate, everyone what his prepared: avocado sandwiches, canned, juice, grapes, chocolates, jam with bread, crackers with cream cheese, policereal, chicharroncitos and even boiled eggs with gallo pinto and fried sweet.


After lunch, I had stretched canvas and lay on his back, with his arms crossed, watching the flower-covered mango green roof, where I fell asleep tired. More than half an hour after the most peaceful sleep of late we should follow the way to the top of the volcano.

There were only two hours away, but from now on it’s all uphill. The good news is that in this part starts a small forest that protects from the sun and makes it less tedious climb. As you progress, magpies, guises, pigeons and squirrels crossing from one tree to another and from a clearing in the woods with the plain look Momotombo peak in the distance.

We left the grove and climb a rocky hill covered with shrubs, where suddenly, without realizing, we are on the edge of an elongated hill, facing the majestic bearing cone Telica steaming volcano.


Around the volcanic cone covered a valley of rocks extends at one end by a thick forest full of white sacuanjoches, teak trees and other plants typical of desert environments. We walked down a path that leads under the shadow of guanacastes and vines to the camp, located in a covered area of ​​grass and soft ground, protected by a natural wall of volcanic stones.

The atmosphere seems like an oasis in the middle of a desert canvas tents surrounded amidst palm trees and stone background, bare cone of the volcano. Stores are several tourists who were already camping at the site.Right there we install our mobile homes and rest a few minutes.


As an inevitable ritual, before six pm each climbed to the mouth of the volcano, where you have a breathtaking view, because aside the last glimpses of the sun and the other are the open throat of the very Hell with fetid gases in its cliffs and burning lava in the crater.

Then we returned to camp and started a fire Bismark and tourists were approaching to talk, eat, write something, listen to music or simply lie on your back on the grass looking at the starry sky.

Stine Bech, Danish student, believes that “the path is very cute, a little too difficult, but when I was on the hill I could see the lava, very nice.”

Meanwhile, Heather Crouch, USA, said that “it was a good experience being in nature, I liked the night and dawn with this view up, seeing stars, Nicaragua is a beautiful country.”

The next day, after seeing the sunrise from the neighboring hill to the crater, had breakfast and started our return journey.

300 TIMES the black hill Bismark Soto, the Sonati guide, the tour operator of León.

500 TIMES has risen to Telica volcano.

1.060 meters high is the Telica volcano, located in Leon.

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