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Turtles start coming

Arrivals. Authorities report that between Thursday and Saturday, the first mass arrival of turtles in Chacocente recorded.

By Lesber Quintero | Country

Turtles start coming
Chacocente is one of the beaches where the largest number of nests recorded.


Over 2,500 Olive Ridley turtles come to the shores of the Escalante-Chacocente River Wildlife Refuge between Thursday and Saturday. According to the authorities that protect the turtle sanctuary, this is the first mass nesting period of 2014-2015, which began in July and ends in January next year.

Colonel José Alberto Larios, head of the Fourth Army Military Command, explained that the arrival began Thursday night with 1,434 turtles nesting “and continued on Friday night with 910 and 197 closed on Saturday, totaling a record of 2,541, “he said.

The shores of this beach nesting turtles have an area 1,500 meters, which are under the aegis of Army and rangers.

The nesting area is divided between the municipalities of Santa Teresa, in the department of Carazo, and Tola, Rivas department.


Last July officially began the period of arrivals, with a record of 1,363 turtles that were coming out solitary or in small groups, as confirmed by Colonel Larios.

We tried to phone to provide further details of the arrivals in the Refugio coach Escalante-Chacocente Jeffer Cruz, but he said he was not authorized to provide information.

In official media, however, Cruz stated that in August they expect between eight thousand and ten thousand turtles , adding that for this period expect more than 5,300 turtles in the 2013-2014 season, when accounted for the arrival of 54,700 copies.

Meanwhile, authorities in Refugio La Flor, located 22 kilometers south of the town of San Juan del Sur, are waiting for the next weekend to appraise the first major arrivals.

Chacocente, Flor, Juan Venado, Padre Ramos, Cosigüina, Jiquilillo and Pacific beaches where the arrivals of Olive Ridley turtle varieties, paslama, hawksbill and torita are concentrated .

60,000 turtles nest in Chacocente expected.

194,000 nesting turtles are projected to occur throughout the Nicaraguan Pacific, between July 2014 and January 2015.

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Good reminder that when you come to Nicaragua you can usually see either the turtles coming up on the beach to lay their eggs in the sand, or to see the little babies hatching and helping make sure they get to the ocean’s edge okay. Beaches like La Flor and Chacocente are reserves where the turtles are protected as they lay their eggs, the eggs themselves, and finally as they rush off to the sea.

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