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A tree of life or 195 thousand trees for real? Forced opinion! #Unovs195mil

What would you do with $45,000 US dollars? You would plant on of these? (the yellow metal so called "tree of life") or would you plant 195,000 real trees?

What would you do with $45,000 US dollars? You would plant one of these? (the yellow metal so called “tree of life”) or would you plant 195,000 real trees?

What would you do with $45,000 dollars?

  • install one yellow metal “tree of life”

  • plant 195,000 actual trees

It’s time to review, regardless of your political affiliations, tell us whether they would prefer

A tree of life or 195,000 trees to plant?

And to see that we do not we get the number ofbuttocks hair, here is the account:

There are some who say that each tree of life worth $ 20,000 U.S. dollars . Others say $ 70 billion . Let us say that the difference and are worth $ 45 thousand dollars each.

We asked our environmental sources ( Monica then) How much is a little tree? He said “Here I am in a cooperative and tell me 6 pesos. A little tree nursery and planted. “

Then $ 45 thousand dollars for 26 Cordobas (rounded dollar exchange rate) are 1 million one hundred seventy thousand cords, between 6, 195 thousand are real trees for each tree of life.

Leave us your opinion in the comments below or on social networking with the hashtag #unovs195mil

I saw this from the bacanalnica.com website, which does not purport to be a serious website by any means as they seem to specialize young people enjoying the Managua social scene and who are we to judge, but it is a good question nevertheless, would folks prefer actual trees or the metal trees?

A few stories on the “trees of life” include Nicaragua being Comfortable and Complex, Thousands of Dollars in Metal Grove, and another that was a cool photo.

Here are some of the comments:

· Commentator Victor Ocampo stressed
By logic, common sense, by mere reasoning of every human being who has not been beaten into the ground a kid or had surgery to reduce its capacity criterion or brain mass, natural trees are the right choice.
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No prix, do not political then no good
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· Commentator Victor Ocampo stressed
Bacanalnica.com Bueeeh but you know that is the reality. Let’s edit the thing.
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· German Yasaris Managua, Managua · 102 followers
I prefer natural trees because they give shade and oxygen, is a thousand times better than those of metal, such as the metal feels hotter Managua ..
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Scarlet Silva · Featured · Commentator America, Managua, Nicaragua
And that’s just what it costs to make arbolatas, you have to put what it costs to install and maintain, which is obviously out of the pockets of the people. Actually, the answer is obvious ._. I think only someone who is not lucid to support arbolatas over trees truth.

Hey reader, watcha think?