Romance on the tour of Las Isletas, Granada, Nicaragua

Las Isletas of Granada

We had some visitors who wanted to go and check out the famous “Las Isletas” of Granada. With a fantastic captain who was super-observant of all of the flora and fauna, we happened upon a stand of these fantastic plants which have a lovely surprise. What a romantic devil!

If you are coming to Nicaragua, plan a visit to Granada and a one- or two-hour boat trip to Las Isletas, We have one of the best captains and nicest boats to go on. The captain’s name is Freddie and he has a special relationship with Lucy, the queen of Monkey Island! Monkey Island currently has five spider monkeys living on it and is a fun place to visit. If you want to bring some fruit (they like watermelon, cantaloupe and avocados the most!), Lucy the momma monkey and her baby, “Junior” will climb onto the boat for a quick visit. Junior is very interested in anything colorful, especially baseball-style caps.

Here’s a snippet from Wikipedia about the Islets of Granada:

Islets of Granada

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The islets of Granada (Spanish: Isletas de Granada) are located in Lake Nicaragua, just southeast of the city of Granada in Nicaragua. The islets are a group of 365 small islands scattered about the Asese peninsula. The islets are of volcanic origin,[1] they were formed when the Mombacho volcano blew much of its cone into the lake thousands of years ago, thereby creating the archipelago. Most of the islets are covered with vegetation and rich with bird life.[2]

Many of the islets are occupied. Some are privately owned and hold homes or vacation houses. There are facilities for the residents and for tourists. Hotels and shops are established on some of the islets, and boating tours are available.

We do tours of Las Isletas quite often and it is always a lovely experience with the tropical breezes, the interesting little islands, and views of Mombacho Volcano.

Las Isletas de Granada

Isletas de Granada

Settling In The Most Romantic City In The Americas | Kathleen Peddicord

Settling In The Most Romantic City In The Americas

Posted: 09/26/2014 7:42 am EDT Updated: 09/26/2014 7:59 am EDT

I felt like a schoolgirl playing hooky. We awoke early Friday morning, dressed, ate, and then, instead of heading to the office, we took off for the airport to catch a flight to Managua. Just Lief and me. No kids. No checked luggage. Not even our laptops. We had planned this quick escape weekend to Nicaragua spur of the moment, a romantic weekend for two, in one of our favorite countries, a place where we spent a lot of time early on in our marriage but hadn’t returned together in years.Granada,_Nicaragua_2

Almost immediately upon arrival, it all came back, all the reasons I like this country as much as I do. Nicaragua is naturally and dramatically beautiful, but lots of places are beautiful. What sets Nicaragua apart is its heart. You get the feeling, spending time here, that this country is always trying really hard to pick itself up and carry on…to make things better.

via Settling In The Most Romantic City In The Americas | Kathleen Peddicord.

Thanks for the article Kathleen. I appreciate your perspective on coming back to Nicaragua after you and Lief were here earlier in the 20-ought years. I knew you when you were at Rancho Santana. As someone who receives visitors here frequently, I can say lots of folks get the bug to move to Nicaragua and many are actually doing it. The lifestyle here is not for everybody, but for some it is great! Cheers, Mike @ Farmstay El Porton Verde, Managua

4 Reasons Why Nicaragua Should be Your Next Getaway – Culture-ist

4 Reasons Why Nicaragua Should be Your Next Getaway

featured 4 Reasons Why Nicaragua Should be Your Next Getaway

This Post was originally published on the Absolute Travel Blog

read the rest at: 4 Reasons Why Nicaragua Should be Your Next Getaway – Culture-ist.

My comments:

Well, of course that is sort of the thing with “luxury hotels” which is where this story focuses. They seem to be run for wealthy clientele who don’t wish to see the poverty, corruption, etc. (To the commentors on the linked-to page) Would that be a surprise for you?

I can tell you that if you come down for a visit (and why don’t you want to see for yourself?) you will find that this country is very beautiful and the culture quite vividly real. If you want luaus, all-inclusive resorts, and mass consumerist experiences, you probably should not come to Nicaragua. It is a real place with good and bad.

My rec: Best to get the “soft landing” treatment when you are picked up at the airport, taken to your lodging, and helped along with the rest of your trip from there…and if you don’t forget “todo es una aventura” then you’ll be fine.

Kayaking to the Jungle in Nicaragua –

Kayaking to the Jungle in NicaraguaKayaking to the Jungle in Nicaragua -

Kayaking to the Jungle in Nicaragua –

Go while you can, as this kayaking tour advertised through the New York Times’ In Transit blog, goes through the Indio Maiz Biosphere reserve which will be traversed by the Nicaraguan Interoceanic Canal in a few years.  Construction is due to begin this year so best to book now. Of course, here at the Farmstay we could book a similar trip for much less then what you pay with the advertised tour group!