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4 Reasons Why Nicaragua Should be Your Next Getaway

featured 4 Reasons Why Nicaragua Should be Your Next Getaway

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My comments:

Well, of course that is sort of the thing with “luxury hotels” which is where this story focuses. They seem to be run for wealthy clientele who don’t wish to see the poverty, corruption, etc. (To the commentors on the linked-to page) Would that be a surprise for you?

I can tell you that if you come down for a visit (and why don’t you want to see for yourself?) you will find that this country is very beautiful and the culture quite vividly real. If you want luaus, all-inclusive resorts, and mass consumerist experiences, you probably should not come to Nicaragua. It is a real place with good and bad.

My rec: Best to get the “soft landing” treatment when you are picked up at the airport, taken to your lodging, and helped along with the rest of your trip from there…and if you don’t forget “todo es una aventura” then you’ll be fine.

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  1. Five hours from Los Angeles, huh? I wish! I have flown to Managua three times to date and on each occasion I was lucky (with a good travel agent) to get airport-to-airport in as little as 12 hours. More often one flies to Houston or Miami and changes planes there. Coming back takes even longer because you go through customs and security in Miami/Houston, meaning you have to claim your checked baggage and haul that around for a while, so you have to allow extra time for that in case there are long lines for passport control and security. If you want to pay top dollar, maybe you can fly more quickly (maybe 9 or 10 hours) but most people can’t do that. And I have not yet found a direct non-stop flight LAX-MGA.

    • Greetings Cedelune and thank you for your comment. Since LA is further west then Nicaragua, it does take more time to get here then Midwest and East Coast locations. I don’t know if you have ever tried the redeye TACA (now Avianca) flight from LAX to San Salvador, but it leaves Los Angeles about 1 am and arrives at 7:30 am or so in San Salvador. A quick stopover in the small but modern airport there, then the quick hop to Managua gets you in at 9:35 am. That’s about seven or so hours flight time. Great for shorter trips where you don’t want to waste two full days traveling.

      Cheers, Mike

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