Why I Write This Blog

It is a lot of fun to write this blog. It gives me a bit of an outlet for some of my writing needs, keeps me in the loop on Nicaraguan-related issues that I think you, my reader(s) may find interesting.


I write this blog for two purposes, one direct and the other indirect.


Indirect Purpose

The indirect purpose is to drive bookings to my bed and breakfast. So that is fairly self-explanatory.

Direct Purpose

The direct purpose is that the FEPV blog is a resource for Nicaragua-related information, news and opinions. The site is designed for folks who may be visiting, relocating, doing business in, or just interested in possibly doing any of the above in Nicaragua.whywrite

The website it organized in topic sections, has a search feature, and on the right side, it also has some additional bits of news and information. The sidebar action includes TripAdvisor reviews, links to book on Airbnb.com, visitor statistics, surf report, latest comments from readers, suggested related posts, links to other Nicaraguan-related blogs, amongst other little “widgets.”

So enjoy and please comment if you find this website is worthwhile to you. I’m getting somewhat busier now that I am a father so time is a bit more of a premium. It would be nice to get some feedback!

Hey reader, watcha think?