New march against construction of interoceanic canal announced

Announce new march against construction of interoceanic canal

By: Jerome Pérez Duarte, correspondent in New Guinea

Landowners who are supposed to be affected by the construction of the mega canal project will protest on Tuesday 21 October in the Colonia La Fonseca, a community that is located about 30 kilometers south of the town of New Guinea.

Julio Garcia, a member of the Commission for the Defense of the Land, said he will meet at least about 40 communities which disagree with the construction of the mega project, because “this canal does not benefit anyone, on the contrary, is stripping us our lands.”

Paula Moran, a resident of the district La Esperanza which belongs to the same region of the Southern Caribbean said “They passed by my farm. I asked if they had already stipulated the price and they did not want to say anything. This indicates that they want to pay whatever they want and how is that going to serve me if I cannot read what I can see that will serve these Chinese.”

In a radio broadcast, organizers said that the marches will not stop and the November 14 march will be in the county seat, “to show the government that we do not want the canal, we do not want to be imposed upon,” the farmers said.

Meanwhile the head of the National Police in New Guinea, Arnulfo Rocha commissioner, said the permits are granted up to 72 hours in advance, but the citizens of Colonia La Fonseca that intend to protest have not sent any request.

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