Afternoon looking at the volcano Masaya, from the Farmstay in Managua, Nicaragua

Nice Cool and Cloudy Afternoon at the Farmstay

We are enjoying a nice cool and cloudy afternoon at the Farmstay…I hope you are having a great day too!

So how’s the weather over there at the Farmstay? Today, 16 November, 2014 it is very nice. A bit cool all day and we got a little rainshower here and there. Cloudy, with some fog up on the top of Las Nubes (the mountain in front of the Farmstay).

Almost every afternoon, from our perspective, the western light shines at an angle which accentuates the shape of the various craters of the complex of volcanoes at the Masaya National Park and gives off a soft red-hued glow. We face southeast towards the Masaya Volcano. Today’s view was no exception. The volcano is located approximately eight miles from El Porton Verde, so we get a nice view of it from the house and the pool area.

I went yesterday on a Night Hike at the Masaya Volcano, and that was as usual, a lot of fun. We actually some some glowing lava!

Hey reader, watcha think?