A New Beer comes to the Marketplace :::Bolsa de Noticias::: ***Managua, Nicaragua***

A New Beer comes to the Marketplace

The company Cervecera de Nicaragua launched to the marketplace the new beer Mytos, with 6.3 percent alcohol, higher then Toña and at a cost of 63 codorbas in supermarkets and 100 cordobas in bars and restaurants. The offer is limited for the Christmas period. 


via :::Bolsa de Noticias::: ***Managua, Nicaragua***.

I have just tried this beer and have to say it is quite excellent, especially if you haven’t had a strong beer in a while. It is a type of German brew style called “Kellerbier” which is an unfiltered “cellar beer.” I found it at a mini-market in Las Colinas called Super Express. Best thing besides the great taste? An alcohol content of 6.3. Woo-hoo!

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