Breaking Ground on the Nicaragua Canal – The New Yorker


A few days before Christmas, in Brito, Nicaragua, on the Pacific coast, a groundbreaking ceremony was held for the world’s latest megaproject. The Nicaragua Canal is expected to take five years to complete and cost fifty billion dollars; when finished (if it is ever finished), the hundred-and-seventy-two-mile canal will bisect Nicaragua from the Pacific to the Atlantic Ocean.

via Breaking Ground on the Nicaragua Canal – The New Yorker.

Now the New Yorker magazine is in on the reporting on the Nicaraguan Interoceanic Canal. Mostly brings up the same points and questions that anyone following this developing story is already familiar with. As usual, it takes the naysayer’s point of view and doesn’t represent too well the positive possibilities of the developed canal and how it can help Nicaragua. I think the New Yorker can do better reporting!

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