The Nicaragua Canal: A Step towards development – English

The Nicaragua Canal: A Step towards development

The Nicaragua Canal: A Step towards development. 54295.jpeg

Manágua, the capital, and the whole country celebrate the fulfillment of a century-old yearning: the building of a work that promises to become a valuable trade and communication route, in addition to giving a major boost to the development of this nation. In December the construction works for the Grand Canal began.

Managua (Prensa Latina) For Nicaragua, December is the month of great events and this 2014, for many, will be remembered in the history of the country and the world: the expected Christmas festivities accompanied the start of construction of the “Grand Canal”.

42 years ago, in the last days of 1972 Managua was devastated by an earthquake of 6.2 magnitude on the Richter scale that caused the death of over 10,000 people and enormous material damage.

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As you may have seen on this blog before. Here, here, and here for example, we’ve posted several stories on the Great Interoceanic Canal of Nicaragua (!!) that take their lead from what I observe as a U.S focus on the hemisphere, i.e. concern for where the funding is coming from, the impact on the environment, the impact on people living on the land the canal will be built in/on, whether this is purely a Chinese- and others-land grab, etc.

This article comes from a website known by most for their propaganda, the used-to-be Soviet, now Russian Federation mouthpiece for newspeak, Pravda. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t distinguish this source of information as either better or worse from any particular promulgator of agitprop and indoctrination, I just note these for your benefit, oh reader(s)…while trying to help make sense of the whole Canal project.

I’ll admit that I initially came into this from an anti-Canal point of view. Based on some new developments in this story, I am starting to come around to view the project in a more positive light with several big IFs, WHAT IFs, and WTFs? still hanging around that serve to put a restraint on a real gung-ho old-fashioned Chamber of Commerce push for the project at any cost.

Far from it actually, as trust in all the parties involved to do the right thing (by whose measure?) must be earned by actions and good works rather than solely vague statements based more on aspirations than on real results.

This piece is a pure fluff piece, as if readers won’t remember Pravda from the good old days of mutually assured destruction and all that cool James Bond spy stuff! Or, if you’re too young for that (enjoy your youth hehehe) take a look at a map and understand that both China and Russia are very interested in having about 9% of worldwide shipping pass through a little country like Nicaragua that isn’t necessarily in the back pocket of the USA. Enjoy!

Hey reader, watcha think?