Friend of the Farmstay, Osberto Jerez giving Ukelele instruction

This is Osberto Jerez, a wonderful Friend of the Farmstay, whom you may meet if you go on a tour of the Masaya Artisan’s Market with me! Here he is giving an impromptu lesson in how to play the ukelele from his and his wife’s little store at the mercado Artisanal.

Osberto is, like most Nicaraguan’s, an incredibly hard-working man. He has two stores in Masaya, a little hotel “Hotel Costeño” in Masaya, is a music instructor with a Master’s degree in Music, records his own music in his studio, and performs live with his band the Gregories. A really sweet man who I am pleased to say is a great FotF (frend of the Farmstay!) You can follow Osberto’s YouTube channel.

Tyra and I went to see him play live here in Managua a year or so ago (not sure when, but pre-Micky that’s for sure!) and he tore the house down with his stage prescence, mastery of the form of reggae, and he and his group were tight. He and his band play a mix of really good original songs, talking about what has happened on the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua what with the hurricanes, the poverty, the beauty and the charm, with some of the reggae classics, mostly by Bob Marley, that you have heard before, but not quite like how he does it!

Osberto Jerez practicing his ukelele in his store

Osberto Jerez practicing his ukelele in his store

Especially when you hear his songs about Bluefields, Corn Islands, Puerto Cabezas, Pearl Lagoon, etc., you can tell he really misses being over there. Like so many others, there are generally speaking better economic opportunities here on the Pacific side of the country then there are on the Caribbean side, so years ago he decided to make his way over here. As he says in one of his songs, “In Bluefields we have rondon, in Masaya it’s vigoron…”

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