“Are You Ready?” Survival Run Fuego y Agua

For three years running, the Farmstay has hosted some of the participants of this survival run called Fuego y Agua (preview here) which is done on Ometepe Island. If you watch the video there is a part where one of the participants describes how people react when she tells them some of what goes on in this race, where she gets a laughing reaction and they ask her if she’s crazy.

Well, I’m in this boat too! One of our guests this morning told us about a race she did where all the participants had to don red shirts and run through a bull ring with several toros ready to gore them! Some of the participants did get gored, including this lovely race participant, the bulls horns went through the outer skin of her backpack but other than that the contents inside were all fine!

Ben Slow on local terrain

Ben Slow on local terrain

Anyway, big ups to these participants as it is a grueling test of one’s endurance and ultimately, the individal’s ability to overcome difficulties and challenges in their lives, so all great stuff in my book. Just would not ever ever find me on the course unless literally a crazy person was chasing me with a machete. Even then…

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