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“War” of the airlines comes to Nicaragua


The general manager of the Managua Air Terminal announces that three airlines will fly more often from the United States to Nicaragua

By Alma Vidaurre Arias | Country (Translated by Mike @ Farmstay El Porton Verde)

"War" comes from airlines



At least three international airlines arriving in Nicaragua announced that they will increase their frequency to daily or weekly flights from US cities, a decision that could reduce the costs of flight tickets as tour operators and agents in the country agree. 

As of May 28, 2015, the US carrier Spirit Airlines will add three flights per week from Houston to Managua, according to a statement from the same company.

Moreover, in June, American Airlines will launch connections from Managua to Dallas-Fort Worth, with the idea of ​​strengthening its market. 


Delta Air Lines also recently announced it will begin operating a seasonal service on Saturdays, between Los Angeles and Managua, starting in June. 
The possibility of increasing the number of flights and travel frequency is a positive impact for users, and could lead to a price war in the air, consider Irela Olivas, Bosa travel advisor Tours & Travel. 

“It’s a positive impact, because it really generates more options for Nicaraguans abroad and the entry of visitors to the country. It will be easier for people to travel, have better flight itineraries, having more links will be easier for people to travel,” said Olivas. 
Last December Aeromexico connected directly the Federal District (Mexico City) to the Nicaraguan capital. 

“The costs of the tickets will go down, go down more frequently by the same competition among airlines with promotions. This is a benefit for the population, there will be more competition between airlines, while operating the same routes” said adviser Bosa Travel Tours & Travel. 

Orlando Castillo, general manager of the International Airports Administration Company, EAAI, told official media that Nicaragua is in talks with other airlines to improve the country’s connectivity with the rest of the world. 

“We’ve talked to other airlines, which have shown much interest in starting to make direct flights to Managua, which is a story of great importance for our country,” Castillo said. 


In 2007, according to Castillo, the airport had 25 daily flights in international operations, however, to date, the country has a total of 34 trips per day, representing an increase of 36% in this period. 

For this year, Nicaragua plans to receive 8.5% more tourists compared to 2014, which translates into 1.4 million visitors, authorities estimate the Nicaraguan Institute of Tourism, Intur. 

For the CEO of Intur, Mayra Salinas, achieve more air connections through Spirit, Delta and American Airlines, offers better conditions to Nicaragua. 

“The increased air connectivity of Nicaragua is going to contribute to this goal, we know we have 12 direct connections with other countries, five with the United States six with Central America, one with Mexico and a shared code with Venezuela.” he said.

Se viene “guerra” de líneas aéreas · El Nuevo Diario.

With this “war” of the airlines, we’ll get some more competition, so hopefully this will create an environment of overall lower fares between the USA and Nicaragua. I knew about the Spirit Air flights from Houston and the seasonal Delta flights out of Los Angeles, but did not know about the American Airlines flights coming non-stop out of Dallas, TX. Great news!

This adds lots of new flights and better options for people, especially from the western side of the USA and Canada. To not have to go to Miami or Atlanta will save lots of folks from that side of the continent hours of their precious time, which should be used to better advantage here in Nicaragua enjoying a wonderful vacation!

Tourism has grown every year since the Farmstay opened, and this year is to be a banner year for tourism growth at 8.5%. Sweet!


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