The impressive “Marine Phenomenon” that happens between Chacocente, Nicaragua and Salinas Bay, Costa Rica!

The impressive “Marine Phenomenon” that happens between Chacocente, Nicaragua and Salinas Bay, Costa Rica!

wqeadeseresssBy: David Quintana -Occuring between December and March; vacationers who frequent the beaches between Casares, Chacocente, and San Juan del Sur to the Bay of Salinas in Costa Rica, during the season of Easter, do not realize the phenomenon of “Upwelling” as oceanographers call the upward displacement of sea water.

“It’s happening right now, and because the waters coming down to the seabed by high winds pushing, pushing up to the surface typically colder waters, causing major nutrients”. Stresses Rosario Ruiz Sáenz, the Coordination Committee Corridor Coral A Investigative and Sustainability Program, which develops in the Pacific Nicaragua.

Peltier Barahona, a prominent Nicaraguan biologist, explains that winds from the east-entering the country towards Lake Nicaragua – increase in speed as it crosses the thin and narrow Isthmus of Rivas, pushing surface waters seaward in the area between Chococente and Bay Salinas in Costa Rica.


“In the entire region the phenomenon is generated by the push of cold water from the bottom of the ocean, moving the hot water from above”, which forms a kind of swap as the water from down below comes up and the water above goes below. This requires that certain species leave their normal deep ocean habitats as they are heated by the sun to the surface of the water column, invigorating the marine food chain in its entirety.” He explained.

But what makes it more important to this phenomenon? Barahona said that because the phenomenon allows the movement of large banks of “Krill” (crustaceans on which whales feed), they go near the sea coast, causing immense importance as it allows the sighting of this species. “Everything happens from December to March and so – for example in San Juan del Sur – the waters are cold.”

“With the change in the food dynamics during that time period throughout the ecosystem, there is a bonanza for fishing, and of course that is why the fishing wealth or potential throughout this area.” Said the biologist.

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An explanation of the phenomenon called “upwelling” along the Rivas coastline and how it greatly improves fishing conditions and brings up the krill on which the whales dine on during the whale-spotting season, December to March. What’s not mentioned is the excellent surfing conditions that these winds also create, where they are offshore nearly all day every day of the year.

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