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Greetings MailenFV:

As Salta said, there aren’t any real beach towns besides San Juan del Sur. Leon beaches are a good option, to be near a large city (for Nicaragua) but I would like to point out an often overlooked and I think, underrated beach town, which is the Pochomil/Masachapa area, located one hour away from Managua.

Sure it doesn’t offer Sunday Funday or a Pacha Mama type of party hostel, but there are some inexpensive lodging options, a variety of beaches, and the nearby (10 minutes) town of San Rafael del Sur has a Pali supermarket with transport via bus, mototaxi or regular taxi, so that’s something… The public areas have been renovated and there are nice tiled sidewalks with benches and little green areas in the small “downtown” area. Overall, it has a nice aspect.

I blogged about Pochomil, Masachapa and some other areas here: “Top Five Managua Area Vacation Surfing Fishing Villages…

Enjoy living in Nicaragua for 2 months!

Cheers, Mike @ Farmstay El Porton Verde, Managua

Travel advice – living in Nicaragua for 2 months – Nicaragua Forum – TripAdvisor.

The more time I spend in the beach areas near to Managua, I think they really are overlooked by most tourists as they are really “local” beaches, where, for the most part, Nicaraguan families vacation. There are a few foreign tourists visiting the area; certainly international visitors come to stay in Montelimar and also in the Pochomil and Viejo Pochomil areas.

There is also a small but growing expat community, mostly led by Casa LaRocque, who has brought a few French Canadians to the area. Also there is a great guy who is a a real character named Frank LaSasso down there who is a good person to know as he can help arrange almost anything down in that area.

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