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Budgeting for Your Nicaraguan Getaway

14 March, 2015

by Casey

Life on the coast

Nicaragua is the largest Central American nation that has remained true to its historical prominence. The colonial towns, remnants of the revolution, Caribbean hideaways, jungles, and white sandy beaches are just some of the few things that the country has to offer. A paradise waiting to be explored, Nicaragua is a destination that’s waiting for budget-minded travelers to journey to.

While flights to Nicaragua are quite affordable, many people are on a tight budget so they’ll sift through flight comparison sites for the cheapest tickets. Travelers should be aware that the most economical flight options might not end up being suitable for their budget, as Parking4Less points out that hidden costs are usually incurred on most budget tickets. Additional payments could be required if the ticket doesn’t include airport taxes, and possibly if you check-in online.

Your next biggest expense is lodgings, with accommodation in the country averaging at about $25 a night for a double room and private bathroom at a hostel. Dorm rooms are about $6 to $12. “Hospedajes” are the most popular accommodation of choice for travelers, which are small family-run hostels that range between $20 to $25 a night.

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Casey at the rightsideguide.com has another good post up about budgeting for your Nicaraguan vacation. Worth a read!

One thing for sure, eating the local food is cheap and delicious!

Cheap and tasty local food is readily available in Nicaragua

Cheap and tasty local food is readily available in Nicaragua

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