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Volcano Tourism, a sleeping giant

  • Entrepreneurs: if the infrastructure was improved at the volcanoes, more tourists would come

Nicaragua has the privilege of having a large presence of volcanoes in the Pacific. The potential to attract tourists is asleep. Proof of this is that in recent years the percentage of tourists coming to the country and climbing a volcano, for example, has remained stagnant.

The figures of the Nicaraguan Institute of Tourism (Intur) indicate that between 2009 and 2013, out of every ten tourists visiting the country each year, only two climbed a volcano. The Americans and Central Americans are the ones who practice this tour attraction more every time they visit Nicaragua. Only in 2013, the total passengers who said he climbed a volcano, 29.3 percent came from Central America and 21.8 percent were American.

The local tourism authorities and representatives of business chambers linked to this sector admit that there is great potential to sell volcanoes as an option for adventure tourism, mainly to North America, Europe and South America. So why is this tourist destination so nascent? The challenge is to improve the infrastructure and security conditions in these places that have been recognized to have such great potential.

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Here at FEPV we have reported before on Volcano Tourism. I’m sort of suprised that only two out of every ten tourists visiting Nicaragua actually visit a volcano! As far as Farmstay visitors, I’d say a good 90% visit at least one volcano if not two or three. People really dig them, and if you think about it, you can see why.

  • Most people visiting Nicaragua don’t live anywhere near volcanoes, much less active ones or ones you can slide down or camp on top of!
  • There is something quite primal in seeing the force of nature that is an active volcano, and it is worthwhile to see at least one on your visit.
  • There are some absolutely unique things to do on Nicaraguan volcanoes that are not prevalent in other volcano tourism spots.


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