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Cyndi Lauper visiting Nicaragua
 The American singer Cyndi Lauper was visiting from Nicaragua, where she enjoyed the beauty of Granada tourist.

According to information posted on her Twitter account, the iconic singer of the eighties with songs like “Girls Just Want to Have Fun”, “Time after Time” and “True Colors”, visited the Mombacho volcano.

The artist, during her visit, stayed at the Hotel Bubu of the Gran Sultana.


10 comments on “Cyndi Lauper de visita en Nicaragua
  1. Sara Dice:

    What a big thrill! It brings back nostalgic because I grew up listening to his music, Cindy Thank you for considering our country!

  2. mauricio dice:

    Granada Hospital, priceless beauty let her fall and even today is in ruins. in other countries already have bathed in gold … but the Nicaraguans are left and everything slips them … as long as they care nothing booze. Nationalists are lying, plus ignorant.

  3. Madrigaleño Pancho says:

    Good thing now that Nicaragua is free as the wind, a haven of peace, many celebrities visit us.

  4. jaimenba dice:

    care goes a complaint of some tico by this news

  5. ale dice:

    that good way should have a magazine that will remembrando visits of artists who visit us.

  6. karen dice:

    but in that picture is not well appreciated cyndi lauper, I would like to publish one where you look fuller than pride ….. visit our Country

  7. What dice:

    Good thing our country at least is recognized for its ecological beauty for many Farandulera

  8. Alberto says:

    That emotion that I get to Nicaragua … an icon of romantic music in English … Welcome to Nicaragua. Too bad no one knew of his visit so that it can be seen.

  9. Carlos Martinez says:

    Excellent way to promote the beauty of our beautiful country. Tourism in Nicaragua just waking up, Asi q priorities on infrastructure and cleanliness of the country ……. also reorganize the parking system and reorganize the market granada..Pregunta: There colonial churches in Granada in the process of remodeling? Q No because I think I’ve seen beautiful church abandoned. Just as the old cathedral of Granada!

    1. Hayman.habib dice:

      The problem now is that no one will want to invest in tourism for fear that whatever Milton Arcia! There is no security for investment, unless you’re a lame dish Sandinista government and robolution !!

via Cyndi Lauper de visita en Nicaragua (in Spanish)

Nicaragua has had a few celebrities visit in the last couple-three years, and for me this is one of the coolest people yet to come and visit. Cyndi Lauper, since her days of “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” and “True Colors” has been a secret favorite of mine for a long time now; since the 1980’s right? So good on ya Cyndi for visiting Nicaragua and extra kudos for doing some actual activities like going to visit Mombacho Volcano and hanging out at what I’m sure is a quite nice hotel called Hotel Bubu in Granada.

Most of the other celebrities that have visited, like Michael Douglas and Katherine Zeta Jones, Morgan Freeman, and Halle Berry have all been to Nicaragua. Most appear to have gone straight to the Mukul Resort, a several (around five!) hundred dollar a night fantasy land to which they are whisked via helicopter shortly after landing in their private jets at the Managua airport. They don’t get any sort of real Nicaraguan experience in that form of travel IMO.

I have a feeling Cyndi doesn’t exactly travel that way. I imagine her to be much more “regular folk.” And just to set the record straight, Halle Berry came to Nicaragua to do some work related to the U.N. or some such thing. Actually, visiting schools in the north of the country under the auspices of the U.N. World Food Program so again, kudos to Ms. Berry!

She probably didn't look exactly like this when visiting world food programs in Northern Nicaragua.

She probably didn’t look exactly like this when visiting world food programs in Northern Nicaragua.

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