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Will mid-sized Russian jets and a new airline be coming to Nicaragua to serve as a new national airline?

Will mid-sized Russian jets and a new airline be coming to Nicaragua to serve as a new national airline?

Russia has proposed airline in Nicaragua

The Russian corporation Sukhoi Civil Aircraft of the Government of Nicaragua presented a proposal for the creation of a national airline, quoted RT news agency RIA Novosti.

“The Government of Nicaragua is planning to create an airline. We have submitted a number of proposals. Nicaragua is a historic partner of Russia in Central America. It is in a good geographical situation, “said Yevgeny Andráchnikov, vice president of the Russian company.

Yevgeny Andráchnikov said that currently being negotiated exploitation five SSJ-100 that make up the initial stage of future airline alleged in Nicaragua.

According to Russian media, the SSJ-100 is a regional airliner flights began in 2008 and three years later began performing commercial flights, and has a capacity for 100 passengers.

Rusia presenta propuesta para compañía aérea en Nicaragua | La Prensa Noticias.

This is a very “light” article as in light in actual facts and real plans, so read this as pure speculation at this point, but the idea proposed is to start a new Nicaraguan national airline using Russian jets. Nicaragua currently has only one national airline, La Costeña, and one can only hope that if there was some competition to the current routes that would help keep prices down and services up?


As a Nicaraguan Insider, I would say don’t take this proposal very seriously right now, but it is a data point for those following the relations between Russia and Nicaragua as well as a possible good thing for tourism in Nicaragua. I’m not sure how many Russian tourists come to this country, but I can’t imagine it being a very large number.

It seems this new airline would rely on the current set of visitors to the country instead of opening up a new market of Russian visitors. As has been written in opinion pieces in the Nicaragua Dispatch, Nicaragua needs new friends but I don’t believe that Russians represent any great number of new visitors to Nicaragua.

A little Nicaraguan aviation history

In addition to La Costeña, according to the Managua airport Wikipedia page, there used to exist an airline called LANICA that stopped functioning in 1981 and its assets ended up with another short-lived airline AERONICA which shut down in 1992, only then to be yet again resurrected again as NICA which terminated all operations in 2004, so its been awhile!

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