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Buying a surfboard

I will be doing a 2 month workaway, one month in Nicaragua and then a month in Costa Rica, so I decided it will be cheaper to buy a surfboard rather than renting (as I will be living in San Juan De Sol and then going to Pavones and plan of surfing most days).

I have read some people posting saying about how its hard to find boards in Nicaragua, but everything I read hasn’t told me how to get one.

Does anyone know surf shops around the area I can contact to buy a used one or know of a website I could find them from?

Please and thanks!

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1. Re: Buying a surfboard
Greetings Aly:

The most obvious thing would be that there are several surf shops in SJd SUR where you can find a board to buy.

Not sure if this would exactly work out, but another idea is to put an ad in the local craigslist advertising what type of board you are looking at and what you might pay and hope someone sees it on a couple of days before you get here to try to sync up with someone leaving the country who would rather have a couple hundred bucks than have to pay to get the board back home with them.

Good luck out there Aly…

Cheers, Mike @ Farmstay El Portón Verde, Managua

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