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Greetings 4travelgirl:

As amen9 says above, the traditional Meso-american diet is essentially gluten-free and a large part of Nicaraguan cuisine is based on those staples. So basically they’ve been doing gluten-free up here until the Spaniards introduced European foods like wheat.

For example with gluten-free El Porton Verde visitors we just make sure to have corn tortillas instead of toast.

Cheers, Mike @ Farmstay El Portón Verde

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Since writing this post on TripAdvisor some time ago, I’ve been thinking more about gluten-free eating in general. While I’m obviously no doctor or nutritionist, I can see where eating gluten-free is just a bit more healthy than eaten all gluten products. While I’m not convinced that for the majority of folks going “gluten-free” that the decision isn’t made more for a general comfort’s sake rather than a real life-threatening situation should one eat the occassional piece of wheat bread, I don’t doubt that it’s overall a healthier way to go.

In Nicaragua we tend to eat mostly beans and rice, with tortilla, plantain, and the occasional cheese or sour cream (crema) as a side dish, for flavor. Sure you can get a hamburger or a pizza (with plenty of extra gluten!) in this country, but let’s just say that for every slice of pizza served in this country, a couple-three hundred servings of beans and rice have been delivered to their lucky recipients!

 gluten-free options

A Nica gluten-free lunch would look a bit different…think more tortillas and beans!

Hey reader, watcha think?

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