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The Perfect Week in Nicaragua With Kids

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In just under 10 short years since I first started traveling to Nicaragua, the questions I receive have changed dramatically from, “Why would anyone go to Nicaragua?” to “What should I do when I visit Nicaragua?”


No longer a dodgy destination for those of us old enough to remember Sandinistas and civil war, Nicaragua is quickly becoming the new go-to spot for travelers seeking adventure in Central America.

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And not only is Nicaragua among the safest countries in the area, it’s also family-friendly. Case in point? Both of my children have traveled there with us several times, even as babies. Here’s my take on how to spend a perfect week with your family in this tropical treasure.

The Perfect Week in Nicaragua With Kids | Heather Mundt.

Bed and Breakfast Farmstay El Portón Verde, Managua

I enjoyed your article Heather, thanks for pointing out how great it is to have a family vacation in Nicaragua. When I host families at the beginning and at the end of their Nica vacations, you see the difference ten days or a couple of weeks makes just in the family dynamics themselves, with lots of love and affection! It certainly is a real education to see Nicaragua and for the children to appreciate that kids with a set of jacks/marbles/playing hopscotch/etc. can have way more fun than the latest Nintendo/xBox platforms.
Cheers, Mike @ Bed and Breakfast Farmstay El Portón Verde, Managua

We’ve definitely seen some great families having some very wonderful and loving vacations together here in Nicaragua. Whether it is the feeling of freedom, of seeing what it is like for other folks from humble lives to live, time spent together, the awesome adventure travel experiences, or exactly what, I can’t say that I know. I do know that families have had some super times and I hope to see lots of families beginning and ending their Nicaraguan vacations at the Farmstay!

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