Nicaragua coffee output to rebound to record high

Nicaragua’s coffee production will challenge record highs next season, supported by an improved flowering period, and by the continued recovery in plantations from the Central American outbreak of roya fungus.
The US Department of Agriculture’s Managua bureau, in its first estimate for Nicaraguan coffee production in 2015-16, on an October-to-September basis, pegged it at 2.14m bags.
That would represent a second successive season of recovering output, since the outbreak of coffee rust, caused by roya, which can causes severe yield losses, and can kill trees.
Indeed, the harvest would top the existing record harvest of 2.10m bags, achieved in 2012-13.

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For those that have followed the whole Roya story, this is very good news. A couple of years ago there was a lot of concern that this coffee rust, a sort of fungus that grows on the coffee bushes, was going to drastically reduce production of this wonderful drink that I for one, enjoy very much!

Good news bad news:

Bad news, we had a bad drought last year during the first part of the rainy season, so production was really down due to their being no rain during the flowering time of the coffee plants, and of course the drought affected many other crops as well.

Good news, the drought literally halted growth of this fungus and set up the excellent harvest that is coming in this season.


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