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Woman Solo Traveler going to Nicaragua for 12 days in July

Hi everyone,

I’m 30 yo woman solo traveler going to Nicaragua for 12 days in July. I need tips on what to do and safety. I have traveled by myself in Europe for seven months, I like hiking and doing things outdoors. I wanted to visit Granada, Leon, Isla de Omepete, & San Juan del Sur. Anything else? The safety aspect is what has me worried, please provide suggestions on taking taxis and buses as I will not be renting a car. As well as, places to stay overnight. Thanks very much beforehand to anyone that contributes.


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3. Re: Woman Solo Traveler going to Nicaragua for 12 days in July

Greetings Lori:

We host visitors traveling solo quite often and there’s more women than men doing it that way…so just follow the standard advice that you’ve received here and you should be okay.

Once you start on your journey it’s quite possible you’ll meet up with some other travelers and end up going around with them to the next spot on your itinerary anyway, so keep that in mind.

Your proposed itinerary is just fine, folks here bash SJdS but it is a lovely bay and you can avoid the party scene if that’s not your thing. Also, it is easy to get from there to Ometepe or vis-versa so you might as well. Nothing bad about Leon, you should be able to squeeze it in, but understand it is on the other side of Managua, where you’ll presumably be flying into, so getting from say Ometepe to Leon is a pretty long day of travel. Best to plan to go directly to Leon if that’s on your gotta do list, then work your way south from there.

As far as your security, what I would add is to keep a copy of your passport or email yourself a photo of it in case it is lost or stolen. Also, try to not take the last bus from point A to point B because you’re better off not arriving when its dark. Do your travel in the mornings or mid-day. Understand that an iPhone or Galaxy 6 smartphone is worth the equivalent of three or four months of hard work on a job, so you can see why it might be tempting for a thief to steal it from you. If you can live without such things for the 12 days, all the better. You can bring a cheap used unblocked cellphone and buy a local GSM chip from either Movistar or Claro phone companies for less than $2 if being in touch with folks back home or to call around locally is something that would make you feel more secure.

Okay, hope that helps. If you need a soft landing at MGA, let me know.

Cheers, Mike @ Farmstay El Porton Verde, Managua

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