5 Depressing Side Effects No One Tells You About Moving Abroad

Is it worth the risks?

5 Depressing Side Effects No One Tells You About Moving Abroad

Manon de Heus
During the past 10 years, I’ve lived in five different countries.

It’s been an amazing journey that has taught me more about life, love and fear than any education or self-help book ever could.

To build a new existence far away from everything you know and believe in is the most powerful feeling in the world.

People who have moved abroad will nod their heads in agreement.

They will tell you that traveling has broadened their horizons, made them more open-minded and has shown them what truly matters in life.

What they won’t tell you is it’s also the loneliest, most alienating and most guilt-ridden thing they have ever done.

In expat land, fairytales don’t exist. Here are five things that are bound to happen if you decide to leave your home behind:

Source: 5 Depressing Side Effects No One Tells You About Moving Abroad

Totally worth clicking through to read more. While the author may be stating the case a bit strongly and certainly not all expats experience these feelings or more likely, admit to having them, they are there to a greater or lesser extent depending on your life circumstances. For those not sufficiently motivated or lacking time (come back when you do have time if you are for real about relocating abroad), here are the top five depressing side effects no one tells you about moving abroad:

1. Your loved ones will be devastated.
2. You’ll feel guilty all the time.
3. You’ll feel really, really lonely.
4. You won’t fit in anymore.
5. You’ll lose dear friends.

I can definitely relate to each one of these points. Relocating isn’t for wimps in general and I’d say especially so to move to Nicaragua! You have to really love it here and form your own life that is totally distinct from your old life, and that’s not easy. At all.

Of course, one can take a different approach to this issue. Let’s assume that to a greater or lesser extent current expats have one or more of these feelings. But let’s get something clear here, haters gonna hate as far as folks back home giving you guilt trips for not being there for them.

Guess what friends and family back home, we’re not here to live according to your standards of what is right and proper. Just because you think going to Hawaii every year and attending the same darn luau is the coolest thing ever doesn’t make it so for everybody!

There’s a reason there are 30 or so flavors at your local ice cream store, we all don’t like the same thing! Sure chocolate, vanilla or strawberry are all tasty but just because you like it best doesn’t mean everyone else has to love it! (Note to self: mmmm ice cream…)

Without getting too much in the trenches here dear reader(s), I can say that it is worthwhile to think about some of these issues BEFORE you decide to be an expat and see if you think they might affect you. Especially the stuff about the friends and family back home. Just realize that some of these folks are very JEALOUS that you got out of the system back home and have a chance to make a new life for yourself in another country so take their sometimes passive-aggressive mannerisms with a compassionate understanding that part of them would love to be able to do what you are doing, but their life circumstances and lack of an adventurous spirit might be a couple of reasons why that AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN!

Hey reader, watcha think?